Whom do you call a vaisakh nandan?

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Vaisakh Nandan is a Donkey!!! Amused??

Well... Let me explain.

Vaisakh Nandan is a Sanskrit derived word which means a dreamer or dancer in the month of Vaisakha, which means April.

Then what does it have to do with a donkey?

A donkey usually eats away all the grass, which it can see around itself, during April and thinks that there is nothing left over and it has finished everything. It gets happy, rolling over its incredible work. But when it rains and the grass grows extensively, it thinks that it has to start eating again to finish its duty quickly.

Actually, as the seasons are changing, the growth of grass changes. But the donkey believes that it is his excellence. Hence the donkey indicates stupidity here.

A Donkey is believed to be stupid as it has very little intelligence as such. Hence it is generally trained to carry heavy loads of clothes or luggage. Hence if anybody does some work simply without thinking and feels happy about himself, then he is considered as a donkey in Society.

So, whenever you see a person acting stupid, don’t call him a directly a donkey !! He might be a Vaisakh Nandan!!!

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24