Which is the fastest implementation of Python

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Python has many active implementations. We will be addressing its different implementations and know which is the fastest implementation.

Different implementations of Python −

  • IronPython − This is the Python implementation which runs on .NET framework. This implementation is written in C#. It uses .net virtual machine for running. IronPython can use the python libraries and .net framework libraries.

  • Jython − Jython is the implementation of Python which runs on the Java Platform. The jython makes use of the java classes and libraries. The jython

  • code is compiled into java byte code and it is run on Java Virtual Machine.

  • PyPy − This is the implementation of Python written in Python language. Pypy makes use of JIT(Just-In-Time compilation).

  • Cpython − This is the implementation of Python written in C language. It runs on Cpython Virtual Machine. The Cpython converts the source code into intermediate byte code.

There are certain other implementations of Python which include CLPython, Pyston,Cython, IPython.

The fastest implementation: Pypy

The fastest implementation of python is pypy. As mentioned above, pypy uses justin-time compilation. The JIT compilation makes pypy faster than the other implementations. JIT compilation lets the source code to be compiled into native machine code which makes it very fast.

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