Which is Best, an MBA in Digital Marketing or a Course in Digital Marketing?

With the rise of technology, more companies are turning to digital media and services for their marketing and communication needs. Digital industry professionals can find jobs in a wide variety of fields, from web design and development to content creation, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile application development, and much more.

In addition to traditional roles such as website design or coding, there is also an increasing demand for people with skills in analytics and data science – throwing light on consumer behavior by understanding user behavior patterns through big data analysis.

This new influx of skilled individuals is creating exciting opportunities across a range of industries – from banks to telecommunications companies – providing the opportunity for career progression into senior management positions.

The impact that technology has on our lives will only continue to grow; the need for digital experts essentially means that there are plenty of options available when it comes to career prospects within this field.

What is the Purpose of Digital Marketing Certification?

Digital Marketing courses provide an insight into the world of online marketing and its various tools. It helps in understanding how to use various digital channels for effective marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing Certificate also provides information regarding strategies, planning, and execution of successful marketing campaigns.

Moreover, it teaches a person about the importance of customer segmentation in order to create personalized customer experiences through different media platforms. In addition, this certification can help one gain knowledge on current trends and techniques used in Online Advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Furthermore, with the help of this certificate, people learn how to measure success by utilizing analytics which is essential for any business or organization today.

Purpose of an MBA in Digital Marketing

You will explore the key concepts of Digital Marketing and its application to business success. You will also learn how you can apply it in your own line of work or start a career as a Digital Marketer. This program focuses on brand building, content creation & distribution, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing & automation, and analytics among other topics.

It also provides hands-on experience with different digital tools such as Google Ads, WordPress, Hootsuite, MailChimp, etc. With the help of these tools, you can create effective campaigns and measure their performance with real-time data insights.

By completing MBA in Digital Marketing you will have an understanding of consumer behavior online which helps you to target them more efficiently while creating better strategies that increase ROI from any kind of advertising or promotional activities using various channels like organic search engine results page visibility, paid ads; content/social/email campaigns; mobile app promotion, etc., all through creative & innovative ideas for maximum customer acquisition and engagement within specific budgets based on market research analysis & competitive benchmarking!

Digital Marketing Certification vs. MBA in Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, businesses have two main options for professional development: a digital marketing certification program or an MBA in Digital Marketing. Both offer the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the fundamentals and strategies behind successful online campaigns.

But what is the best route for you? A digital marketing certification is typically shorter than an MBA program and focuses on specific areas of expertise within the field.

It might cover topics such as SEO, email campaigns, social media advertising, copywriting, analytics, and more. This type of program can help you develop essential skills in a targeted area to further your career opportunities or help you better serve existing clients.

An MBA in Digital Marketing offers a much higher level of education with respect to business management principles that are applicable across all industries–not just those related specifically to digital marketing.

An MBA provides students with strategic thinking capabilities while developing their knowledge base through courses focused on data analysis methods and interactive content models among many other subjects related to modern business techniques.

With this degree, graduates will be able to understand broader concepts such as customer demand forecasting, budgeting requirements for long-term success, and even effective team-building tactics that could make them managers one day.

A Course in Digital Marketing Vs. An MBA in Digital Marketing in Terms of Salary and Job Security

MBA in digital marketing has an edge over the course in Digital Marketing. In terms of knowledge and skills, however, a course in Digital Marketing is beneficial as it provides more hands-on experience and teaches students about specific tools of digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, etc.

Moreover, taking a course also helps to gain practical experience by working on live projects with actual clients which can be beneficial while seeking employment or getting better opportunities.

In India, there are various universities that offer courses in Digital Marketing such as Manipal University Online Programs (MUO), IITs across India (IIMs), Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL), etc.

However, it’s best to go with the ones providing certifications because companies look for certified professionals when hiring. Also, one should choose a program that includes some sort of internship period so that one can put your theoretical knowledge into practice and get industry exposure before you start looking for jobs.

A degree or certification from any reputed university will definitely help boost your resume but if you want to create a strong foothold in this field then the best way is to combine theoretical knowledge with real-world experience which can be achieved only through practice.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for pursuing a digital marketing certification course depend on the institute and usually do not require any specific educational qualifications. Basic knowledge of computers, the internet, and online marketing concepts and methods is generally required.

On the other hand, an MBA in Digital Marketing requires a graduate degree from an accredited university with specialization courses related to digital marketing. Additionally, some institutes may also have additional requirements such as work experience or prior certifications related to digital marketing or even IT fields.

Comparing the ROI of a Certificate Course in Digital Marketing with an MBA in Digital Marketing

When it comes to ROI, doing a certification course in Digital Marketing can be more beneficial than an MBA in Digital Marketing. This is because a certificate course will give you the practical and technical skills required to actually do digital marketing as compared to an MBA which gives more theoretical knowledge about the subject.

With a certification course, you get hands-on experience working with tools such as Google Analytics, AdWords, and social media platforms like Facebook Ads Manager or Twitter Ads Manager which are essential for success in digital marketing.

You also get access to industry experts who can teach you strategies and techniques that work today rather than theories that may not apply anymore due to constant changes in technology.

Moreover, getting certified is usually faster and much cheaper than getting an MBA degree which makes it more feasible for most people looking for career advancement opportunities within digital marketing.


The answer to this question will depend on an individual’s career goals and experience. A course in digital marketing may offer more hands-on experience and knowledge within the field, while an MBA in digital marketing allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the business principles at play behind the decisions made by those working in the industry.

Those who want to gain knowledge quickly may find that a shorter course offers more flexibility than an MBA program, but those looking for higher-level positions or larger salaries should consider pursuing a degree. Ultimately, both options contain valuable information and skills which can help individuals excel within the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Updated on: 06-Apr-2023

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