Which is best a web designer or a web builder

Web builder is basically a tool for those who do not have an idea about web development and designing or for those who want to develop their own site very quickly with little effort. People who use Web builder do not need to enter code to develop their own site. There are many web builders in the market, using their easy and flexible features people can launch their website within a day. But, there are many things that web designers can do, are not possible for Web builder.

Surely, while spending money on creating website, you should think of many times that weather you should hire a web designer or simply use a web builder to develop the website by own.

Popular, Web builder tools like; Wix, IMCreator, Weebly, and Jigsy people use to develop their own website. These tools are very much helpful, using these tools no need to have knowledge of web designing tool (Photoshop) and coding language. Now, Web developers are also in very much demand, they get very good pay for their job. So, it is really very confusing, especially when you are new to your field. It can be confusing, especially when you are new to your field. Both have their own merits and demerits, so be careful before taking decision.

Let’s see, how both (Website builder and Website designer) are beneficial, in different circumstances,

Website builder: where and why to use?

In case of less budget – use Website builder

Now, Web designers are in demand and their charges go very high, are not affordable for everyone. People who have limited budget can’t afford to keep Web designer. There are many free Web builder tools available in the market, read all features of Web builder tools, download and use them according to your requirement.

Using Web builder tools, you can build only conventional website, means; the Web builder that you are using to build your website, you can use only that we builder limited features to build your own website, but it is not so bad.

There are many conventional websites display certain things (like; online menu, location, contact info, etc…) on their site, things that uploaded once on the site, do not change frequently. Those sites get updated due to changes of their menu.

In the online market, many websites (90%) are conventional; provide simple form and menu in front of viewers. These websites are only to display particular information not much, but that information is enough to get benefit. So, for conventional website, using Web builder becomes very much beneficial.

Available in different type of language tools

Web builder is basically for those who are interested in using different tools of different languages with many features. There are many Web builders available in the market with 100s of simple and good templates. Away from coding, FTP connection, domain name registration, server space and any other technical stuffs.

User-friendly tool with drag and drop features

Many website owners like to create and build their website in very less time. You can’t do magic, but can avail magical drag and drop features to create website in few clicks and in less time, just you need to drag the element to the canvas. User can also do the changes according to the requirement.

A user-friendly interface makes editing very easy, provides very easy way to change font, style, images and colour.

Web builder company support team

All Web builder companies know that people who use the tool are not too technical. For them web builders companies provide support where company employees answer to the asked question.

Website Designer: where and why to use?

Website designers are costly, but then too people go for that, just because everything can’t be change and develop using Web builder tools. Website that is created using Web builder tool can only display certain things with the help of tool limited features, but the website that is developed by web designer can display many-more things, Web designer can develop the website as per the requirement of the website owner.

Manual process always takes more time then automation, but manual process is always good. Web designer takes time to build a website, but that really works. Web designer, anytime and anywhere can do the changes on the website because they have over knowledge of coding.


If you want to build a simple website with limited features, website doesn’t require frequent changes/update and you also have limited budget, just go for Web builder tool.

And, if you want to build a complex website with many features, website frequently needs changes/update and your budget is not so less, just go for Web designer.

Updated on: 23-Oct-2019


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