Which Internet companies use Python?

In this article, we will see which internet companies use python for their needs.


Python is a high-level, object-oriented, dynamic, and multipurpose programming language i.e multi-paradigm language. Python's syntax, dynamic typing, and interpreted nature make it an excellent scripting language.

It supports a variety of programming paradigms, including object-oriented, functional, and procedural styles. Additionally, because it is an interpreted language, it cannot be converted to computer-readable code before running at runtime.

Internet Companies using Python

The following are some famous internet companies that use python −

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Quora
  • Amazon
  • Instagram
  • Uber
  • Spotify
  • Reddit
  • PayPal
  • NASA
  • Pinterest
  • Dropbox


Google is a well-known digital company around the world, well known for its work in different online services such as Android, Search, Stadia, and YouTube.

Google is one of the most well-known Python users, having used it from its birth and continuing to do so due to its fairly simple nature, allowing for rapid deployment in a variety of areas.

Python is utilized in the company's search engines, as well as initiatives involving artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robots. Python is also often used in app participation and support.


One of the several companies that use Python is Facebook, the social network that deserves credit for coining the term "poke."

Facebook has grown in popularity throughout the years, with a net value of almost 900 billion US dollars as of May 18, 2021. Understanding the technology underlying Facebook's success is therefore crucial.

Python is widely used on Facebook's backend for production engineering, a branch of development at Facebook that blends systems and software engineering.

Essentially, the production engineering team is in charge of ensuring that Facebook runs well for nearly two billion people worldwide. Python plays a significant role in this process.


Netflix is a great example of a company that chose Python programming because of the wide ecosystem of tools available to keep its system functioning. Subscriptions to the company's streaming service are its principal source of revenue.

This service provides internet streaming of TV series and films, including in-house productions. Python is used to construct dynamic software that is used by the organization to strengthen the structure's security, analyze data reports, and generate alerts.

Python is used by Netflix to deliver machine-learning skills that analyze movies, optimize streaming, and extract images for thumbnail presentation. Python is utilized extensively throughout the system.


Quora combines a social media network with a question-and-answer platform.

Ironically, an inquiry on Quora concerning the programming languages used for the website received a response from Adam D' Angelo, Quora's CEO.

D' Angelo claimed that building programs in Python were just less "painful" than writing programs in other languages such as Java.

At the time, Quora engineers also assumed that Python would evolve alongside the website, or scale up.

Given that Quora was able to attract 300 unique users a month to its platform in 2020, this isn't far from the truth.


Amazon, one of the most well-known online marketplace players, uses Python in a wide range of areas of its platform. Implemented in Amazon's product and deal recommendation system, which uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze and recommend things to users.

Because Amazon deals with huge amounts of data, it needs technology to handle it, and Python met the criteria due to its scalability and flexibility to interact with other technologies such as Hadoop.

Jupyter notebooks are another example of how Amazon uses Python for a variety of applications, including Machine Learning and automation with AWS resources.


Instagram is a social media and networking website that allows users to share photos and videos. It is a well-known company that uses Python in conjunction with Django, and it has just adopted Python 3. Python was chosen by Instagram because of its simplicity, efficiency, and applicability.

Instagram is a social media platform that primarily focuses on visual media. Python is used for the majority of Instagram's business logic.

In software development, business logic refers to the activities that take place on the back end to permit data exchange between the database and the user interface (UI).

To put it simply, Python is crucial to how Instagram works, supporting the everyday interactions of over a billion users.


Uber began as a rideshare service to make users feel more secure while also providing convenience at a low cost.

Uber has since expanded its services to include Uber Eats, a food delivery service.

The majority of Uber's services are powered by Python and Node.js, with Go and Java also contributing to the company's technology stack. Tornado is Uber's preferred Python framework.


Spotify is a well-known example of a Python application for data analysis and backend development. This music streaming and media services business had 286 million monthly users as of April 2020, with approximately 130 million paid subscribers.

Spotify's big data is handled via Hadoop and Luigi, a Python program that works with Hadoop. Luigi is in charge of the company's libraries and merges error records to rapidly resolve issues.

This package employs machine learning methods to maintain features such as radio, recommendations, and discovery.


Reddit is a social news, content rating, and discussion website network. Python and its large library collection, which is grown incrementally by building a dramatically modified version of each module used, have had a significant influence on Reddit.

Reddit was originally written in Lisp, but six months after its launch in December 2005, it was rewritten in Python. Python offered a greater variety of code libraries and was more developmentally adaptable, which was the primary reason for the switch.

The web framework that powered the site at the time, web.py, is now open source. Python was at the core of it all, acting as the software's backbone.


PayPal is always assisting individuals in keeping their money safe by providing convenient and secure transactions using the PayPal platform.

PayPal uses Python throughout its infrastructure, and one of the most popular Python articles, "10 Myths of Enterprise Python," is credited to the official PayPal Engineering writers on Medium.

As a result, if you appreciate using PayPal, keep in mind that it is yet another multinational company that uses Python.


It may be tough to think that NASA is another global organization that employs Python, but it is. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) uses Python in its Workflow Automation System(WAS) for shuttle mission planning and data management.

Python's simplicity allows NASA to accomplish the requirements of the project without being slowed down by unnecessary complexity. Python is also used by NASA for several other projects, which may be seen on their open-source projects page.


An online scrapbook is the best way to explain Pinterest. Pinterest users can share their interests through visual pins depicting their hobbies, design ideas, lifestyle inspirations, and more.

Pinterest's application layer is built on Python, primarily Django, with Tornado and a sprinkling of Node.js for the web servers.


Dropbox was one of the first cloud services to go widespread when it initially became a widely used technology. Dropbox allows users to host files of nearly any type and access them via the internet.

Dropbox engineers choose Python for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are the language's cross-platform support, ease of learning, and readability.


These are the most inventive organizations that have Python apps. Python has established itself as one of the most popular programming languages. It is also well-suited to quickly changing industries such as internet and media usage, finance, and computer software. Python-based websites benefit from a large library of libraries, increased scalability, frameworks, quick development, and developer-friendliness.