What would happen if there were no Moon?

We cannot imagine our night sky without the bright moon. It adds the whole lot of beauty to the nights and has been the main subject for romantic poets for ages.

Coming to the science, without the Moon, Earth will not have the steady tilt and scientists say that life on earth might not have evolved the way it is now. Here are the top five things that would happen without a moon.

  • Nights will be much darker. The way the Moon lights up the night sky, cannot be done by all the stars put together.

  • We know that days and nights are formed due to Earth's rotation. Without the gravitational pull of Moon, Earth will be rotating faster thus making days shorter, lasting only six to twelve hours.

  • Moon's gravitational pull is responsible for forming Ocean tides. Probably the size of ocean tides would be one-third as high as they are now.

  • There will not be any eclipses whatsoever. We know that Solar or Lunar eclipses are formed because the moon blocks the Sun. When there is no moon, no eclipses.

  • We know that Earth's axis is tilted at twenty-three point five degrees. This makes the seasons what they are now. Without the Moon, we may have extreme seasons or no seasons at all.

Thank you, Moon!! You are making our life beautiful and the way it is.

Updated on: 27-Apr-2022


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