What to do to ease up my toddler's molar time?

Teething makes the child more irritable than usual. The child feels a lot of pain and it is; therefore, necessary to provide them comfort during this time.

How To Tackle Babies During their Teething Time of Molars?

  • Diet Change: A diet that consists of soup and yogurt is better than solid foods.

  • An Antidote for Pain: Thick end of a chilled, uncut carrot, for instance, can be a good antidote for molar eruption pain.

  • Icy water to help numb the area, so no pain is felt by the toddler.

  • If the toddler is constantly drooling, keep a towel or soft cloth handy to pat his chin dry to avoid excessive irritation on his chin.

  • Break out the child’s old teething toys.

  • One can try rubbing teething-gel on one’s toddler’s gums to numb the pain.

  • In extreme duress situations, infant paracetamol can be given with the consultation of a doctor.

  • Avoid letting the child chew any pointed or sharp objects. Hard plastic chains are also a big ‘No ‘ for a child in teething time.

In case of an emergency, visit the doctor for any further assistance. He may give Tylenol or Advil, as per the severity of the situation.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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