How does Python compare to PHP in ease of learning for new programmers?

In this article, we will learn In terms of ease of learning for new programmers, how does Python compare to PHP?

Comparison of Uses and Easiness: Python vs PHP


Python is a programming language that can be used for a variety of purposes hence it is a general-purpose programming language. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, web development, data analytics, game development, and financial predictive models are just a few of the applications. Python is used by almost all current technology organizations, including Google and Netflix.

Python is a popular programming language among data scientists for data cleaning, visualizing, and creating machine learning models. The fraud detection use case is an excellent illustration: historical data is analyzed, processed, and segmented to find associations and patterns that can be used to avoid future fraudulent acts. Python can also be used as a scripting language. Python scripts can be run from the server command line without having to compile them first.

Python allows you to develop light and fast automation applications. For example, you may execute a script regularly to deactivate users of your website if they have not renewed their subscription after multiple notifications. Python scripts can also be used to automate routine operations such as backing up your work or posting on social media. Python is also commonly used for test automation. Python makes it simple to write test cases, and there are numerous testing libraries available, including Unittest, Pytest, and Django-test.


PHP is primarily used as a programming language for the development of dynamic web pages and applications. Have you ever noticed how the YouTube website changes after watching a few videos? This is a dynamic web page, which means that different information is presented each time you reload the page. PHP supports database connections and perfectly embeds HTML to display customized content.

Have you ever heard of WordPress? WordPress is a fully PHP content management system (CMS) that allows you to create a website with little or no programming knowledge. WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet, according to HUBSPOT, and its use has been steadily increasing since 2011.

According to W3Techs, PHP is used by 77.4% of all websites with server-side programming. That is enormous! PHP is also used by Wikipedia and Facebook.

While PHP is losing popularity, it is still widely used. Its significance in web development cannot be underestimated.

Comparison of Python vs. PHP as the First Programming Language


Python is an excellent choice as a first programming language.

First and foremost, it emphasizes proper coding techniques. Python promotes syntax readability by requiring you to write neat code with uniform indentation and no unnecessary parentheses and brackets. Python is also strongly typed, which prevents you from mixing different data types, which leads to compilation issues.

To demonstrate this, consider the difference between a class declaration with a constructor in Python and PHP. A class is a fundamental component of object-oriented programming (OOP).


In Python, you may declare a class by writing the following code −

class Cricketer:
   def __init__(self, playername, team):
      self.playername = playername = team
cricketerObj = Cricketer("Ms.Dhoni", "India")



In Python, indentation (the spaces/ tabs at the beginning of a line) is used to define code chunks as well as for readability. It is required and helps you to create properly indented code.



In PHP, you may declare a class by writing the following code −

class Cricketer {
   public $playername;
   public $team;
   function __construct($playername, $team) {
      $this->playername = $playername;
      $this->team = $team;
$cricketerObj = new Cricketer("Ms.Dhoni", "India");
print $cricketerObj->team;



Each line of code is surrounded by curly brackets. Good indentation is optional and it only serves to improve readability.


Python has a large and supportive developer community that is continually adding new libraries and features. The official repository, PYPI, includes a large number of excellent Python packages and libraries.

Python also includes excellent frameworks such as Django and Flask. They are simple to grasp and well-documented.

Don't be concerned about your professional opportunities! Python provides a wide range of professional paths, from software developers to ethical hackers. According to ZipRecruiter, the national average salary for a Python developer in the United States is $111,601 per year.


PHP does not have the same reputation as Python. Although PHP is very simple to learn and understand, it is not an ideal first programming language due to inconsistencies in syntax and general architecture. It is also loosely typed and occasionally unpredictable, which leads to poor habits.

Having said that, PHP has one of the most active development communities. The internet's resources (documentation, podcasts, forums, and so on) are infinite. This is a huge benefit for a beginner. Although RASMUS STRONGLY DISAGREES, PHP provides outstanding frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony.

Another pretty awesome advantage of PHP is that it is quite simple to run a PHP application! You can do so in your local environment using the AWESOME XAMPP. And if you want to run it online, all you have to do is upload your PHP files to a PHP host like BLUEHOST without installing anything.

The career options are rather limited; most of them are in web development. According to ZipRecruiter, the national average salary for a PHP developer in the United States is $86,003 a year. This is a little less than the Python developers.

Working with PHP, on the other hand, teaches you the fundamentals of web building. If you wish to work in web development, this could be a fantastic option.

Which Should I Learn: Python or PHP?

Both languages Python and PHP have advantages and disadvantages. Both are quite popular and have thriving development communities. However, I prefer Python as the first programming language because of its emphasis on excellent coding techniques and the broad range of employment options.

It is better to learn Python than PHP.


In conclusion, both PHP and Python have advantages and downsides, but they will both assist you in completing your task. However, if we put ourselves in the shoes of a newbie, we would give a tiny edge to learn Python easily.