What is Win32:PUP-gen?

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If you use antimalware programs such as Avast or AVG, you might get a warning of the presence of Win32:PUP-gen on your system.

In this post, we would discuss what Win32:PUP-gen is and how to remove it from the device after its detection.

What is Win32:PUP-gen?

Win32:PUP-gen is a generic term used for describing the presence of a malicious program or code in the system. It is not a particular virus or malware but a general title given to the programs that possess similar malicious behavior. Such malware gets unknowingly installed on the victim's system without their knowledge; therefore, they are categorized as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). Win32:PUP-gen can secretly enter your system and perform various malicious activities such as stealing data, spying, encrypting files & folders, hijacking browser, and many more.

Although Win32:PUP-gen might not be a significant threat itself, it can expose the security vulnerabilities of the system and make way for other greater threats to enter. Most users don't even know that Win32:PUP-gen is present on their device until their system's antimalware detects it and notify them.

How does Win32:PUP-gen enter your system?

There could be various ways malware programs like Win32:PUP-gen can enter on your device. Many times you might willingly download and install them on your device without knowing the malicious intent behind them. Here are the top ways through which Win32:PUP-gen infiltrate your device −

  • The most common way is through bundled software programs. Many users ignore the installation of additional applications while installing the primary programs.

  • Many users download the attachments of emails sent from an unknown sender. Such attachments can carry dangerous malware like Win32:PUP-gen.

  • Cyber attackers lure the users into clicking the intriguing malware-carrying pop-ups. On clicking such pop-ups, malware like Win32:PUP-gen can automatically install on your device stealthily.

  • Fake application updates can also introduce malware on your device.

How to remove Win32 - PUP-gen from your system?

Win32:PUP-gen can be pretty dangerous for your system if not handled on time. If your antivirus suspects its presence, it is essential to remove it and its related files from the system. Here are the top ways you can get rid of Win32:PUP-gen from your device −

  • Let your antivirus remove it altogether. Since the Win32:PUP-gen is detected by an antimalware program, you may let antimalware remove it instead of manually removing it.

  • Uninstall the Suspicious Application from your device. On your device, look for the suspicious applications or games that you don't remember installing. One by one, remove all such programs. Note that many such programs might look genuine and valuable.

  • Delete Temporary Files from the device. Windows OS tends to accumulate many unnecessary temporary files, which can be malicious in nature. It is advised to delete the temporary files from the system regularly. On any Windows device, navigate to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp to reach the temp folder and delete its contents.

  • Reset Your Browser Settings. Win32:PUP-gen can sneakily infiltrate your browser and
    hijack its settings. If your browser is misbehaving because of Win32:PUP-gen malware,
    you must reset its settings.

Published on 12-Jul-2021 07:51:29