What is type1 driver of JDBC what are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

It is the ODBC – JDBC bridge driver, it acts as a bridge between JDBC and, ODBC database connectivity mechanism. Using this you can access the databases which support only ODBC. Initially, it is used extensively, since most of the databases supported only ODBC.

Whenever Java application sends a request to the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver the request internally calls the ODBC equivalent function and the ODBC driver retrieves the result from the underlying database and sends it back to the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver.

Advantages of type1 driver

Following are the advantages of a type1 driver.

  • Using this single driver, you can access different DataSource.

  • You can access all the databases that support ODBC using this driver.

Disadvantages of type1 driver

Following are the disadvantages of a type1 driver.

  • The Java application’s (JDBC) request will be converted to ODBC and in turn, converted to Native Database calls.

  • When we use this driver Java application will be dependent on ODBC driver indirectly.

  • And While using JDBC-ODBC driver you need to install ODBC binary code on every client.