What is the use of the Configure() method of startup class in C# Asp.net Core?

The configure method is present inside startup class of ASP.NET Core application

The Configure method is a place where you can configure application request pipeline for your application using IApplicationBuilder instance that is provided by the built-in IoC container

The Configure method by default has these three parameters IApplicationBuilder, IWebHostEnvironment and ILoggerFactory .

At run time, the ConfigureServices method is called before the Configure method. This is to register custom service with the IoC container which can be used in Configure method.

IWebHostEnvironment :Provides information about the web hosting environment an application is running in.

IApplicationBuilder:Defines a class that provides the mechanisms to configure an application's request pipeline.


public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IWebHostEnvironment env){
   if (env.IsDevelopment()){
   } else {
   app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>{

Updated on: 24-Sep-2020

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