What is the significance of Konark Sun Temple?

Konark Sun Temple is a classic example of Orissan Temple with its grandeur popular in the whole world and marking the efflorescence in the architecture of Orissa. It actually serves a testimonial of unmatched imagination and extreme dedication and efforts of the artists to construct this monument. Sir John Marshall remarked ‘I think there is no monument in Hindustan that is at once so stupendous and proportionate at the same time like the black pagoda of Konark’.

Some of the important points about the Konark Sun Temple can be understood under the following heads.


The symbolism and significance of the temple revolve around its dedication to the sun-god which is a unique tradition in the construction of temples. There are highly ornamented wheels that adore against the sides of the platform. It serves as an example of a typical Pidha Deul architecture in Orissa. The temple was actually conceived to symbolize the emergence of Sun-god with twelve pairs of wheels and seven horses (representing seven days of a week and twelve months of a year). This was in-line with the Hindu mythological traditions.


The sculpture of the temple revolves around various themes like deities, musicians, secular sculptures, animals, windows, etc. The secular sculptures portray the day to day activities of a king. The common animals that are portrayed are elephants, horses, and lions. The erotic sculptures of Konark also deserve a definite mention that does not fail to draw the attention of the tourists owing to the artistic beauty and intricacy as they also portray sensuality very strongly.