What is the role of file organization modules for typical file system software(DBMS)?

File organization is the way of storing data in the file. It is very useful as it determines ways of accessing it, storing it while maintaining the flexibility of the system.

Role of file organization

Hence, the roles of file organization are as follows −

  • It provides flexibility.

  • Easy access of data in files.

  • Easy storage.

  • Decrease the complexity of the overall system and files are stored and well maintained.

  • Provide security to data.

  • Saves users time in searching for particular information / data in file as every data is arranged so nicely.


The methods of file organization are as follows −


  • Data and files are arranged in contiguous address space in linear order.

  • Easy to implement

  • Issue is external fragmentation


  • Carries a list of links to disk blocks.

  • Every directory has a pointer which points to the first block of file.

  • Its advantage includes no external fragmentation.

  • It is used in sequential access of files.

  • It is bad for direct access methods.


  • It resolves the drawback of both methods stated above.

  • We create an index and assign files.

  • Pointer is there which helps to take you to a particular file / data.

  • Each file has its own index block.

Updated on: 08-Jul-2021


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