What is the nature of Line Staff Relationship?

What is Line-Staff Relationship?

Line and staff organization is an amendment of line business enterprise and it's far more complicated than line business enterprise. According to this administrative business enterprise, specialized and supportive sports are connected to the road of command with the aid of appointing a group of workers’ supervisors and a group of workers’ experts who're connected to the road authority. The energy of command continually stays with the road executives and group of workers’ supervisors guide, propose and recommend the road executives.

Nature of Line and Staff Relationships

Line authority offers an advanced line of authority over a subordinate. It exists in all corporations as an uninterrupted scale or collection of steps. A line-workforce organizational shape tries to render a huge and complicated business enterprise extra bendy without sacrificing managerial authority. Relationships among individuals, groups, and divisions are primarily based totally on strains of authority which are predetermined.

  • Typically, tasks are performed according to specialized functions, and authority is exercised in a hierarchical manner. In a particularly centralized structure, selections are made with the aid of using some executives or managers and glide downward thru the enterprise

    However, as groups develop in scope and complexity, they want to be bendy withinside the volume to which coordination and management are centrally applied. The precept of line-group of workers’ agency introduces flexibility into hierarchical strains of authority whilst seeking to keep a unified command structure.

  • Although line and team of workers may also perform at one of a kind tiers of an organization, all positions are described relative to their line or team of workers’ function. Differentiating line and team of workers features is easy in that it includes figuring out the beneficiaries of the hobby, product, or service. If the beneficiaries are employees, then it's far from a team of workers’ function. Otherwise, the hobby is associated with the road organization.

Types of Staff

A staff can be categorized into three as follows:

Personal Staff

Personal personnel are connected to personal line officials. The Personal Assistant or the Private Secretary etc. shape private personnel of line managers. These human beings assist their bosses in each feasible way. The recurring paintings of line officials are mainly treated via means of private personnel. They restore recurring meetings, open the post, hold diaries and accompany the boss on reliable visits. The line officials are spared recurring paintings and are capable of dedicating a great deal of time for making plans and execution.

Specialist Staff

These are technically certified men and women who offer careers to the entire organization. They serve line and different groups of workers in planning, organizing and coordinating their work. Their specialized know-how is an asset to the organization. The appointment of a prison consultant can be beneficial to each branch wherein his recommendation is required

General Staff

This team of workers includes men and women connected to important executives. They have the identical heritage as that of line officers. They are connected to vital functionaries as their deputies, etc. They can be appointed as Deputy Managers, Assistant Managers, Special Assistants, etc.

Merits and Demerits of Line-staff relationship

Following are some of the merits and demerits of Line and Staff Relationship:

Merits of Line and Staff Organization

  • There is a deliberate specialization.

  • There is a properly described authority and responsibility. The line of command is maintained.

  • There is bifurcation of conceptual and government function

  • The personnel with its professional information offers possibilities to the road officials for adopting a rational multidimensional view closer to a problem.

  • This kind of employer nourishes employers as every guy grows in his very own speciality. It additionally allows coordination via co-operation and leadership.

Demerits of Line and Staff Organization

  • There are certain to be events whilst line and group of workers can also additionally fluctuate in opinion. This can also additionally bring about struggle of interest & prevents a harmonious relationship.

  • There is a misinterpretation of professional recommendation through incompetent line executives.

  • The group of workers sense themselves status-much less without authority.

  • Staff turns into useless in absence of authority.

  • Staff executives can be specialists of their fields of hobby however they handiest have an advisory role. They lack authority to put into effect their recommendation.

Conflict between Line and Staff

A genuine human conflict arises mainly due to the difference in viewpoints and perception of the two parties. Each party has its very own view factor and whilst it fails to look at the view factor of the other, a friction is sure to arise. To remedy any war, one has to apprehend the view factor of each of the events and try to become aware of regions of settlement as additionally the bridges on the way to reconcile each of the viewpoints. When a war among line and body of workers arises, each of the events try to give an explanation for the reasons of war in phrases of behavior of the other.

The staff managers have their complaints against the line managers

  • Since the team of workers usually advises and the road makes a decision and acts, the team of supervisors frequently complains that they lack authority to have their thoughts executed. This creates frustration amongst them.

  • Staff personnel can be adverse due to their specialized information and expertise.

  • Staff has usually less complicated right of entry to pinnacle management, that is presented with the aid of using the road management.

  • Staff feels that the road managers no longer make the right use of a team of workers. In many corporations the recommendation and assistance of a team of workers is sought handiest as a remaining resort.

  • Line managers frequently withstand the brand new thoughts given with the aid of using the team of experts and are once in a while now no longer organized to pay attention to the arguments of the team of experts.

  • Line managers usually no longer make a right use of the offerings of the team of experts.

Line managers have many complaints about the staff managers

  • Line managers experience that the workforce supervisor interferes with their paintings and unnecessarily strives to inform them of a way to do their paintings

  • Many line managers additionally experience that workforce professionals are academicians and theoretical as opposed to sensible and may by no means deliver sound sensible advice.

  • There is a battle about the diploma of significance among the road and workforce as a long way because the contribution closer to the boom of the corporation is concerned.

  • Since workforce guys aren't without delay answerable for any result, they're normally overzealous and suggest a direction of motion which isn't practicable.

  • The line commonly complains that if matters pass properly then the workforce takes the credit score and if matters pass incorrect then the road receives the blame for it.

  • Sometimes managers additionally experience that the workforce guy fails to look at the complete image and has a tendency to function handiest in phrases of his very own specialized area. Thus, a price accountant might imagine handiest in phrases of cash expenses and an engineer might imagine handiest approximately excellence in designing.


For running an organization properly, both line and staff members’ contribution is required and their relationship must be well defined in the organizational structure. The line-and-staff relationships of the members of an organization must necessarily affect the operation of the enterprise.

Updated on: 24-Aug-2022

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