What is the integration of a data mining system with a database system?

The data mining system is integrated with a database or data warehouse system so that it can do its tasks in an effective presence. A data mining system operates in an environment that needed it to communicate with other data systems like a database system. There are the possible integration schemes that can integrate these systems which are as follows −

No coupling − No coupling defines that a data mining system will not use any function of a database or data warehouse system. It can retrieve data from a specific source (including a file system), process data using some data mining algorithms, and therefore save the mining results in a different file.

Such a system, though simple, deteriorates from various limitations. First, a Database system offers a big deal of flexibility and adaptability at storing, organizing, accessing, and processing data. Without using a Database/Data warehouse system, a Data mining system can allocate a large amount of time finding, collecting, cleaning, and changing data.

Loose Coupling − In this data mining system uses some services of a database or data warehouse system. The data is fetched from a data repository handled by these systems. Data mining approaches are used to process the data and then the processed data is saved either in a file or in a designated area in a database or data warehouse. Loose coupling is better than no coupling as it can fetch some area of data stored in databases by using query processing or various system facilities.

Semitight Coupling − In this adequate execution of a few essential data mining primitives can be supported in the database/datawarehouse system. These primitives can contain sorting, indexing, aggregation, histogram analysis, multi-way join, and pre-computation of some important statistical measures, including sum, count, max, min, standard deviation, etc.

Tight coupling − Tight coupling defines that a data mining system is smoothly integrated into the database/data warehouse system. The data mining subsystem is considered as one functional element of an information system.

Data mining queries and functions are developed and established on mining query analysis, data structures, indexing schemes, and query processing methods of database/data warehouse systems. It is hugely desirable because it supports the effective implementation of data mining functions, high system performance, and an integrated data processing environment.

Updated on: 19-Nov-2021

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