What is the importance of "earn while you learn"?

Nowadays youth are gaining the importance of "Earn while you Learn" concept. There are many benefits due to this approach.

  • First and foremost is earn your pocket money while you are studying. This will help in a long way in understanding the value of money and money management in your future.

  • Along with financial benefits, if you do an apprenticeship in the field of your study, you will gain practical knowledge on the subject.

  • You will get exposed to the workplace discipline and get some learning experience about your future job.

  • You will not waste time and understand the importance of time management.

  • You will get an insight into the career you have chosen and working gives you practical knowledge about the same. This will help you to make a decision whether to choose an alternate career or cement your plans about the same career path. Guides you better for your future career plans.