What is the full form of DCR?

Introduction to DCR

Digital Cable Ready (DCR) means any TV that is smart enough to not require any external set-top box for getting access to various national and international channels.

In the earlier days, when there were limited channels, no one felt the need to get access to any channels because everyone had to watch the same limited channels. But now, every day new channels are getting coined and people are not capable of accessing all those channels in one electronic device. That is why they prefer to get only those that are easily accessible through the external set-top box.

DCR Technology

Digital Cable Ready, even though it is a strong concept and is taking time to be applied in every electronic gadget, we cannot say that there is an easy way to apply this technology in the modern day technology. Various US-based users have been using the CableCardTM TV tuner in their windows run PC.

The US users understand that there is a need to bring high definition in their PC. That is why using the CableCardTM TV tuner has become more important these days. It has lessened the use of set-top boxes and their machines have become much smarter and easy to use. If you prefer to watch numberless premium channels or use Windows Media Center for your DVR needs, the CableCardTM TV tuner is a perfect choice. Now, let’s see how to install the CableCardTM TV tuner in a Windows Run Computer −

  • Before you go ahead and install the CableCardTM TV tuner, you must install the Digital Cable Advisor. It will help the successful installation of the CableCardTM tuner. It is important to have the Digital Cable Advisor because it measures various system parameters like RAM, digital connection capabilities, CPU speed, etc.

  • If your computer can meet the necessary requirements, the Digital Cable Advisor can enable the digital cable functionality. For example, you can get access to various premium cable channels without installing any external set-top box.

  • In case your computer is not yet ready with the minimum requirements essential for the installation of the CableCardTM TV tuner, it will show why the installation has failed.

However, if your have successfully installed the CableCardTM TV tuner, make sure you check the following things −

  • Make sure you do not run your computer on battery power.

  • You must not run other applications when testing the Digital Cable Advisor after installation.

  • Next, press the Install button. Once you press the button, accept the terms and conditions before letting the downloading start.

  • Go to the Extras and Extras library if you find any unwanted issue during installation.

  • Now, tap on the Next button to run the tool and check out the license agreement.

  • Next, press on Start Test, and press on Done to complete the installation process.

DCR Standards

The term Digital Cable Ready helps to indicate if any electronic gadget is smart enough to be able to run without a set-top box. Even though most smart TVs are run by using set-top boxes, the use of the CableCardTM TV tuner has been on the surface for quite some time now.

The installation of the CableCardTM TV tuner is a lengthy process and it is not in much use today. But many US-based users preferred to use Windows 7 computers in the past. But they have used a CableCardTM TV tuner to install and make the machine cable ready.

Benefits of DCR

In today’s modern world, various TVs like satellite TV and cable TV services have taken up the world. Many TV users have bent towards satellite TVs, many prefer to use cable-run TV as well. But who does not prefer a smarter one? By using the CableCardTM TV tuner, one can get a smart TV that can access every premium feature available. But before that, it is essential to know all the benefits of the DCR. They are as follows −

  • One of the first benefits of using DCR is that it helps the users to get access to anything they prefer. For example, in earlier days, people used to get a minimum number of channels and that is why no one needed any smart equipment. But now, there are a number of channels one can access using a DCR device. People can get access to various shows, motion pictures, sports, etc.

  • Another great benefit of using a DCR device is that it can handle any type of weather. As it uses coaxial cables and optic fibers, surviving any type of harsh weather condition becomes easier.

  • With the growing use of cable equipment, phone services have been made possible. Many phones will be equipped with DCR service in the near future.

  • Since many people do not prefer any dish antenna connection, the installation of cable television has become easier than before.

  • In the earlier days, people had to accept and watch any channel they had. But with subscription to the cable television, or making the device cable ready, one can pick the channels they like the most and pay only for those they are going to watch.


DCR or Digital Cable Ready is a term used to indicate a cable ready device. Leaving the age-old rule of accepting any channel, any TV that is run by cable television or CableCardTM TV tuner can help people get access to various premium features and channels. The growth of DCR driven devices will create a revolution in the world in the future.


Q1. Are DCR-driven devices used extensively today?

You can find some DCR-driven devices but this is yet to become a world-wide phenomena. Various TVs are not that smart today as they are still run on set-top boxes.

Q2. Do you have to subscribe for the channels you want to watch when you have a digital ready cable device?

No, you do not need to subscribe to any channel. However, you need to pick the one you want to watch and pay for that.

Q3. Do various TVs use CableCardTM TV tuners nowadays?

People used to use CableCardTM TV tuners in their PCs, but its use has not been visible to most televisions even today.

Updated on: 18-May-2023


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