What is the full form of AIADMK ?


The All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) is a party that was born out of factionalism from the DMK. Due to various differences M.G.Ramachandran founded this party. Ramachandran’s popularity as a film star in south India helped the party to gain a strong support base in Tamil Nadu. Prior to having their ideologies and strategies the AIADMK mostly relied upon the ideologies of their parent organisation which was the DMK. Hence, this article is a brief discussion on the history of AIADMK and their ideologies.

FEBRUARY 15, 2014, CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA - Memorial of Marudhur Gopalan Ramachandran. MG Ramachandran (1817-87) was the popular producer, actor and politican, in 1977-87 he was the Chief-Minister of Tamil Nadu

Emergence of AIADMK

AIADMK emerged from the DMK due to factionalism. It is claimed that since DMK popularised itself through its ideology, it also gained huge support from many non-political personalities some of whom were from the film industry. Due to this reason the party started having members from the film industry which brought their influence in the party. This influence of the film industry was not liked by many members of the DMK which gave rise to factionalism.

Some of the prominent members and leaders of the party namely- Nendunchezian, Anbazaghan and Karunanidhi always supported M.G.Ramachandran, who was a leading film actor in South India. Factionalism also occurred due to the competition and race to become the leader of the party after the death of Annadurai in 1969. Due to these reasons finally in 1972, M.G.Ramachandran formed the AIADMK as a separate party. Since then, the party has won several elections in Tamil Nadu. Another eminent personality who became the member of the party and eventually the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from 1989 to 2016 was J. Jayalalithaa.

Role of MGR

Ramachandran was admired by the Tamil people all over the world due to his personal charisma and the roles he played in films. As a leader of the AIADMK, he played a great role in creating a support base for the party. Moreover, due to his personal charisma people supported him and the party. He decided that in order to provide solutions for most of Tamil Nadu’s problems, he must apply Annadurai’s ideas. These ideas represented the principles of Tamil nationalism, rationality, self-respect, mass participation, social reformation, ‘joint sector socialism’ and good communication between party members or leaders and the masses. Ramachandran also added the idea of ‘casteless society’, ‘eradication of the influence of class’, ‘clean administration’ and ‘special treatment of women’.

Ideology of AIADMK

The AIADMK initially followed the ideas of Annadurai who was the leader of their parent party the DMK. The party believed in a casteless society because according to them more divisions in society will lead to more factions in a political party which will not allow the society or the political party to attain any kind of stability. Hence, the AIADMK, believed and vouched to abide by the basic principles of the Indian Constitution. Beside, these M. G. Ramachandran started many policies that included ‘subsidised midday meal scheme’,, management of water shortages and development policies related to economy and welfare.

Other ideologies of the AIADMK includes that the party believes in ‘two language policy’ where English and Tamil would be the two main languages of the state. The party also believes in the principles of socialism and secular ideas. According to M.G.Ramachandran, the party followed ‘Annaism' which refers to the ideas of Annadurai.


Therefore, we can conclude that AIADMK is a party born out of DMK mainly due to factionalism that arises because of the influence of Tamil film industry in the DMK. This is proven through the formation of the party by M.G.Ramachandran who is a well respected and loved film actor in the Tamil film industry and whose personal charisma helped the party to win many elections. As of now AIADMK is one of the leading regional parties in Tamil Nadu.


Q1. Who was C.N.Annadurai?

Ans. C.N. Annadurai was the first Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. he was initially a member of the Dravidar Kazhagam but later due to his differences with Periyar, he founded his own party named the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.

Q2. What do you understand about DMK?

Ans. The full form of DMK is Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. It was a party founded by C.N.Annadurai. This is the current ruling party of Tamil Nadu with its Chief Minister as M.K. Stalin.

Q3. Mention one initiative of the AIADMK.

Ans. One of the initiatives of the DMK is that they undertook several welfare projects with regard to the Human Development Index which targeted school children, fishermen, farmers, women and others. They also provided educational grants, maternity leave and subsidies for public transport.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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