What is the full form of ABVP ?


The ABVP is one of the largest student body organisations in India. Since its birth in 1948, it has formed clusters in most parts of the country. They take part in periodical elections conducted at several higher educational institutions like colleges and universities across India like Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Gujarat University and many more. With the aim of ‘national reconstruction’ and bringing transformations in the society they have started several initiatives to train and educate the minds of young students because they believe that students are the main agents of social change.

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad began their operations close to the year 1948 during which they were registered as a Non-governmental Organisation in Delhi. Their first convention was held in 1948 in Ambala. Prof. Om Prakash Bahal was their first National President and Sri Keshav Deo Verma was their first National General Secretary.

The ABVP do not recognise themselves as a political group rather they claim their party to be an ‘independent social organisation’ whose main focus is on education. They wish to bring a positive change in the minds of the people, be it students, teachers or any other societal member besides transforming the education system in positive ways. Through these positive changes they wish to bring better transformations in society.

Foot march conducted by RSS workers


In order to fulfil their ambition of ‘national reconstruction’ the ABVP has created a few branches. These branches are

  • Student for Development (SFD) or Vikasarth Vidyarthi strives to analyse and investigate the unrealistic economic development model that has been in place from the colonial era to the present globalisation era. An Indo-centric model of economic growth is something that SFD is continually trying to create and articulate.

  • World Organisations of Students and Youths (WOSY) was founded in 1985 with a global convention of 11,000 young people from all over the world. This branch believes in propagating the idea of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam," which translates to "the entire world is a family." Think India is an additional organisational, intellectual and innovative programme of the ABVP that unites the nation's young intellectuals and instils in them the priceless principle of "Country First."

  • Students’ Experience in Interstate Living (SEIL) is a component of ABVP that aims to integrate North East youth into the remaining society of Bharat.

  • Yuva Vikas Kendra (YVK) is another branch of ABVP that focuses specifically on North Eastern states and is active in the skill development of young people. It currently has its centre in Guwahati.


The work philosophy of the ABVP is based on their larger dream to generate a national movement to transform the society at various levels starting from students. Hence, their activities revolve around fulfilling their aim of ‘National Reconstruction’ and these activities are based on the following philosophy.

  • They believe that the members of an ‘educational family’ are students, teachers, educational practitioners and administrators.

  • They also believe that a teacher’s role is to guide the family while students being the primary focus of this family.

  • They do not believe in partisan politics, rather they believe in social transformations through the activities of the ABVP.

  • They consider the students as the ‘today’s citizens’ who have the responsibility of bringing changes in the society wherever required through proper ABVP training.


Hence, ABVP is a students body organisation that has its links to the RSS. It aims for ‘national reconstruction’ of the country with the help of students. To fulfil its aim, it also trains and teaches the students body its members. It takes part in elections conducted at various university and college campuses and is currently one of the largest students’ body organisation.


Q1. What do you understand about ‘First Person Point of View’?

Ans. Through the ‘First Person Point of View’ the ABVP aims to work towards or implement their thoughts and ideas before expecting someone else to do it. They wish to act first and be the agents of social change.

Q2. What do you understand about the ABVP's ‘Sense of Duty’ ?

Ans. ‘Sense of Duty' is one of the ABVP’s work philosophies. Through this, they consider themselves to be honest about their work. They also consider their activities to be a ‘natural duty’ towards society.

Q3. Who founded the ABVP?

Ans. The ABVP was founded by Balraj Madhok who is an activist of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. He founded this organisation to counter the communist clusters in the educational campuses.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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