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"Ananda Bazaar Patrika" popularly known as ABP is an Indian Hindi news channel owned by "ABP News Network Pvt. Ltd". The company's headquarters is situated in "Noida", India

The channel was first introduced in 1998 under the name Star News. Both "Star and NDTV jointly managed it". It is used to broadcast news in both Hindi and English. In 2003 the contract between "Star and NDTV" expired and it began to broadcast the news in Hindi. The Star established a new company in 2004 named "Media Content and Communication Services Pvt. Ltd" in collaboration with "The Ananda Bazar Patrika group". ABP Group controlled about 70% of this JV, while Star owned the remaining 30%. As ABP Group and Star parted ways in 2012, Star News was renamed ABP News on June 1 of that year by "Media Content and Communications".

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ABP: Ananda Bazaar Patrika News "Masterstroke" was interrupted by a satellite

  • In April 2018, ABP launched its new show "Masterstroke" which marked the return of a well-known anchor "Prasun Bajpai" who last appeared on "Aaj Tak". In addition to the "news," Masterstroke speaks courageously about matters that are important to the country.

  • As the show started, it successfully gained the audience's attention.

  • The show had a great start, but in just a few days, the anchor reported some controversies related to its broadcasting.

  • On June 20, Narendra Modi interacted with a farmer named" Chandramani Kaushik" from Kanhari in the Kanker district of Chattisgarh. The farmer's wife stated that her income had doubled after joining "Krishi Atma Pariyojna". He began smiling because he had set 2022 as the year when farmer incomes would double. So if a farmer occurs to mention how her income has doubled during a live show, it is certain to make the prime minister happy, but for the reporters as well as for the anchors it was quite difficult to understand the matter of income doubling because "Kanker district" in particular is one of the most backward areas of the world.

  • According to a report that was broadcasted on July 6 by ABP News, the woman in question had received coaching from Delhi personnel over what to say to the prime minister and how to frame the part about the salary being doubled.

  • When the reporter was sent to the location the situation was completely different. Top state government officials had been sent there to make sure the reporter couldn't get in touch with "Chandramani Kaushik". Call it the reporter's cleverness or the police and authorities' lack of honesty and discipline for leaving their posts till late, but they left the village throughout the day. The 12-woman "SHG group", which included "Chandramani Kaushik", and the locals finally broke their silence over how much worse their circumstances had become

  • The show "masterstroke" hosted by "Prasun Bajpai" also featured Chandramani's interview, in which she stated that her income has not increased or doubled as a result of planting rice. Based on this, ABP News came to the conclusion that the claim of income doubling was not true. But it's evident that ABP News missed the incident's significance because Kaushik never claimed that planting rice or paddy had doubled her income. She made it quite obvious that the key to success was his switching to the preparation of fruit and pulp

  • Even the Chattisgarh government reaffirmed that Chandramani was referring to the Sitaphal, a type of custard apple, rather than rice farming. Again the reporter from ABP news was sent to the village to speak with other members of the same group

  • The consequences of this "Master Stroke" episode were not positive for the channel and its anchor "Prasun Bajpai". Many individuals reported that there were problems with the satellite network at the time of broadcasting and Bajpai even stated that he was told not to mention or feature Prime Minister Modi's name on his program.

  • Throughout the whole process, there were many opinions that ABP should bring up the full range of issues and even the public demanded that the show "masterstroke" should be broadcasted later at night or in the morning. But nothing worked well and ultimately he was forced to leave the organization, as soon as he resigned, these technological issues were resolved.

  • On the same day,"Abhisar Sharma", another anchor who had raised questions on the prime minister's public safety measures on ABP News, received a pass. He continued by saying that he was under pressure to resign.


It is obvious that ABP News made a number of assumptions in order to demonstrate that the farmer was under official pressure to state that her revenue from the business had increased.


Q1. Who was the founder of “Ananda Bazar Patrika”?

Ans. In "1922", "Prafulla Kumar Sarkar", an Indian journalist and freedom fighter from "West Bengal", launched Ananda Bazar Patrika (ABP). Sarkar was a crucial player in the fight for Indian independence and a strong supporter of liberty and democracy.

Q2. What distinguishes ABP Live from ABP News?

Ans. The ABP Group owns the Hindi-language news channel ABP News in India. Earlier, it was popular by the name Star news. To increase its dimension the ABP group also started an Indian English news website ABP Live

Q3. Why did Punya Prasun Bajpai claim that ABP News' satellite broadcasts have interfered?

Ans. In "2018", former anchor "Punya Prasun Bajpai" said that each time the program aired, ABP News satellite broadcasting was interrupted because he had attacked the effectiveness of one of prime leader "Narendra Modi's" schemes intended for poor farmers.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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