What is the difference between humans and other species on earth?

  • Animals are free from the cages and fitters of religion, caste, color, gender, etc. While we humans are still exchanging blows over such trivial matters.

  • They are animals but have more empathy than us.

  • On the contrary, we humans have become worse than animals.

  • They kill to feed their families while we kill our fellow beings out of envy, greed, or sometimes without any reason.

  • On one way, we have become demi-gods and to achieve it we are no more, what GOD created us as. While animals have brilliantly kept their innate characteristics unimpaired.

  • Many ‘intellectuals’ claims that we humans are superior because we have brains. I say, what is its use if it can’t think of the welfare of mankind.

I am sure our own greed will lead us to our extinction one day but the existence of animals will surely remain intact.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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