What is the best Python IDE for data science?

In this article, we will learn the best python IDE for data science.

What is IDE?

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is used for software development. An IDE may include a compiler, debugger, and all of the other software development tools. IDEs aid in the consolidation of several components of a computer program. Because of its extensive library, IDE is also utilized for data science (DS) and Machine Learning (ML) development.

Compiling, debugging, creating executables, editing source code, and other parts of code writing can be implemented using IDEs. Python is a popular programming language, and Python IDEs make coding and compilation easier. Several IDEs are widely used nowadays; let us look at some of the top Python IDEs for DS & ML on the market.

Best Python IDEs for Data Science

Data Science is a field in which data sets are researched, comprehended, and various inferences are formed utilizing scientific methods. Python is an excellent language for data science and machine learning because of its popularity and ease of use in managing statistical analysis. Python is highly suited for both domains because it has tools for machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization, data analysis, and so on.

The list below contains the finest Python IDEs for data science and machine learning.


It is a Python IDE for Machine Learning and Data Science specialists. JupyterLab's interactive output system allows you to test your code as you write it. Its interface is quite fantastic, as it allows you to view the terminal, text editor, console, and file directory all at the same time.

Auto code completion, auto-formatting, autosave, and other features make it one of the top free Python IDEs for ML and DS specialists. JupyterLab includes a zen mode that allows users to minimize distractions and unnecessary screens while focusing on the task at hand. Its files can be downloaded in a variety of formats, including.py, pdf, and others. You may also save them as slides (.png).


Spyder is a free and open-source Python Development Environment (IDE). It is a lightweight and best Python IDE for data science and machine learning. Many data analysts utilize it for real-time code analysis. Spyder is an interactive code execution paradigm that allows you to compile any single line, a block of code, or the entire code in one go.

The static code analysis feature in Spyder can identify duplicate variables, errors, and syntax issues in your code without even compiling it. It is also integrated with numerous Data science packages including NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, IPython, and others to assist you with data analytics.

Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

Microsoft's Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is an IDE for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Visual Studio Code is a popular Python IDE among data science and machine learning experts.

HTML/CSS, Javascript, C++, JAVA, and many other languages are also supported by Visual Studio Code. Code completion, syntax highlighting, autocomplete, git integration, and code refactoring are all available in Visual Studio Code.

VS Code integrates with Dotnet, SQL, Unity, and Web Development tools (Node.js, Angular.js) to make it easier to work with them. Depending on your business/enterprise needs, you can download both free and premium versions of Visual Studio.

Using the VS Code refactor, you can rename a file, extract methods, add imports, and so on in your code. VS Code is an amazing IDE for ML and DS to easily optimize and debug code.

It is also a fantastic platform for beginners because hints are provided in VS Code when you build functions or classes. Auto code completion also saves users time when developing. VS Code is also connected with PyLint, which checks the source code for errors. Using VS Code, you can quickly perform unit testing on your ML or DataScience models.

The REPL (read-evaluate-print loop) allows you to see the output of any tiny Python function in a separate window. It is really useful when testing with a new API or function.


PyCharm is a good Python IDE with features such as auto code completion, auto code indentation, and so on. It has an advanced debugger that analyses code and highlights errors. PyCharm is also popular among DS and ML experts that work in web development due to its simple navigation. Using PyCharm's navigation capability, you may search for any specific symbol used in long codes. This IDE also makes it easier to connect/interlink numerous scripts.

PyCharm's refactoring feature allows you to simply rearrange your code by changing the method signature, renaming the file, and extracting any method in code. To test their ML pipelines, ML specialists employ integrated unit testing.

It is useful in determining the performance of any given ML model. PyCharm includes integrated unit testing and graphically displays the results. It also has a version control system, which aids in keeping track of changes made to any given file/application.


Atom is a powerful ML & DS IDE that supports several languages other than Python, including C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, and others. Cross-platform editing, a built-in package manager, smart auto-completion, a file system browser, and numerous panes are among the features of the IDE. Furthermore, its plugins, languages, libraries, and tools are regularly updated, resulting in a highly customizable and exceptional Atom interface and experience.

Atom supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server, allowing you to write and execute SQL queries/commands.

There are numerous beneficial packages in Atom, such as the atom-beautify package, which beautifies and improves the accuracy of your code. Atom's outline view feature allows you to see a tree-based representation of your code and easily cross-check your classes, functions, and so on. Atom will show you a variety of GitHub themes and templates to pick from.

Atom is also preferred by ML and DS professionals because of its cross-platform editing capabilities. It is currently one of the greatest open-source free IDEs to use.


Data Science is transforming the way web developers and other automated procedures work. DS professionals need a good IDE to compile, debug, test, and ensure that their code is error-free.