What is Smishing?

We all would be aware of the term Phishing. Smishing is a kind of Phishing that uses mobile phones as its platform to collect all the personal details like bank account numbers or passwords. And as the name suggests already, they Phish through the text messages known as SMS in phone language, therefore, termed SMiShing. It is also sometimes referred to as text Phishing.

SMS stands for short message services, and Smishing uses these text messages as most people trust phone messages more than an email because they think finding a phone number for some unknown person is complex compared to finding their email address. But in reality, it is easier to get someone’s phone number than email as a mobile number is fixed of 10 digits with all numerals. Still, an email is not limited in size and can include all possible characters available on the keyboard, making it hard to guess.

The Technique Behind Smishing

The technique that hackers use is just to send messages to any random combination of numbers, and it will definitely reach somewhere and if the number formed is not a mobile number, then messages go nowhere, so there is no harm, only profit technique.

A report from the US states that 98% of the text messages they send randomly are read by the customers, and 45% even respond. And the main thing that hackers do is that they send a generalized message which is intended for a large audience, and they never send you a customized message which may have your name or something.

Most of the time, they pretend to be a bank, or some health center, or even some brand selling their stuff and ask you to click on the link present along with the message to buy their stuff or call on a given number to verify your bank details.

They sometimes even ask you to call their customer care number stated below for any kind of help. In recent times, due to COVID, they are also playing with human emotions asking for a charity through that link. All they will ask you would be your debit/credit card number, address, email, and OTP after clicking on that link.

So, whenever you find any suspicious text messages asking for these details, and if that text message is very generalized, remember that someone may be trying to attempt Smishing with you, so stay alert. Sometimes they also send you some messages stating these are to-be-use instantly coupons from some well-known companies, and when you try to redeem those coupons, all your information would be gone.

Below are a few examples of Smishing that you might want to go through to be a little bit more aware of Smishing −

Also, be aware that Smishing is a crime that is wholly based on fooling the user, and the best way to avoid it is by not responding to them in any way.If you don’t react to a malicious text message and ignore it, a simple text message cannot do anything to you then.