What is Rest Assured?

Rest Assured is used to verify the REST APIs with the help of the Java library. Java library acts like a headless client to act upon the Rest web services. The libraries based on the Rest Assured library are also capable of validating the HTTP responses from the server.

Response status code, body, message, headers, and so on can be tested with the Rest Assured library. It can be integrated with build tools like Maven, unit test frameworks like JUnit and TestNG. It has an efficient matching mechanism with which we can verify the expected results.

Application Programming Interface or API acts as an interface between a couple of applications and establishes a connection. It is an assembly of agreements, functions, and tools that an application presents to the users to interact with another application. We would need an API while we navigate and work on any application.

Let us know discuss why Rest Assured extensively for testing purposes.

While surfing an application, for example, Facebook, we are provided with numerous features like adding or searching for friends, creating a post, and so on. If we want to test all these features before the development of the web interface, we would need to take the help of the API for these features.

We can verify these APIs with multiple combinations of data with the help of automation. Rest Assured can be a good choice as a tool for API testing. It comes without licensing cost and has to be proved to be a successful tool for backend automation.

Updated on: 08-Feb-2022

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