What is Impression Management?

What is Impression Management?

Impression Management is the procedure in which people try to impact the discernment or impressions others have about them by managing and administrating information. People are liable to present a helpful image of each other. This also plays a part in the business world.

Impression management is a deliberate and unconscious process in which people try to affect the discernment of other people about a person, entity by managing and administrating in social interaction. Normally, people accept impression management to achieve targets that require they have a desired public image. Impression management is an ordinary way for people to control one another in order to acquire various goals.

An example of impression management in today's world is ‘social media’. Users are capable of building a profile and share whatever they like with their family, friends, or in the world. Users can choose to leave out negative thoughts and life events and focus on positive events if they so please.

Types of Impression Management

There are mainly two types of impression management. They are as follows −

  • Constructive Management

  • Strategic Management

Let us see these two in detail.

Constructive Management

Constructive management requires inspiring team members and providing them obliging feedback so that they may enhance their work performance. Constructive managers strengthen positive work behaviors and provide steps for employees to reinforce their skills and increase their behavior. If your position requires a team, learning how to practice constructive management may be helpful to us

Strategic Management

Strategic management is the ongoing planning, observing, analysis and evaluation of all necessities an organization needs to meet its goals and purpos. Changes in business environments will need organizations to continuously evaluate their strategies for success.

The strategic management process helps organizations take goods of their current situation, outline strategies, locate them and analyze the success of the executed management strategies. Strategic management can vary in executing depending on the surrounding environment. Strategic management applies both to on-site and mobile platforms.

Key Impression Management Techniques

The key Impression Management Techniques are as follows −

  • Conformity

  • Favors

  • Excuses

  • Apologies

  • Enhancement

  • Self-Promotion

  • Association

  • Exemplification

Let us see each of the techniques in detail below −


It’s the act of coordinating your behavior with the group or sustainable standard and attitudes.

For example, students need to conform to rules while they’re present in the school library or on the ground.


To do something good to others and receive approval or welcoming is to do a favor.

For example, we may take on extra work in the office so that our boss can attend their child’s school annual function.


We generally refer to a clarification that protects the importance of a negative or intolerable event.

For example, employees may make excuses when they are late to the office.


If we did wrong to someone then we have to immediately apologize to the person.

For example, if by mistake we take money from our father’s wallet then we have to apologize for our mistake immediately. “We have to say sorry. Please forgive me”.


Enhancement is the strengthening of it in relation to its morals, status, or attractiveness.

For example, music is the power of words.


To highlight your best features or depreciate your weakness are some of the virtual ways of encouraging and advertising yourself.

For example, Social media influencers.


Sometimes we associate with certain people in our life to protect or promote our self-image or self-respect.

For example, people grid at meetings so that they can reach out to know about more people in the industry later.


An exemplification is a demonstration or classic example of something. Exemplification is a way of moral character characterized by the relation between a sample and what it refers to.

For example, we were the perfect example of exemplification, say we wear knee-high boots, black eye-make-up.


Impression control is not an unusual phenomenon in our normal life. We have all attempted to persuade different people’s perceptions people at one point. Impression control pursuits to allow one to offer him/ herself in a manner they would love to be perceived through a person or institution they may be interacting with. Following this one can actually say that impact control is predicated a great deal on the primary impact.

Impression management is needed to enhance employee work mode and strategize their work plan and then their key points in which we have to apologies for the mistake, enhance the work, strategies for future work, exemplify our character, associate with other people, giving excuses for our work, favoring for something and confronting the rules.