What is a BPO and what are the qualifications to get a job in BPO?

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. This is a great career option for freshers, whether they are technical or nontechnical students. Here a company or a country delegates or employs people to get non-core work done by experts from other companies or other countries. BPO outsourcing can be two types.

  • Back office outsourcing: Herein the jobs are offsite and entail dealing mainly with customer care, data processing, accounting, finance or other technical work. This is a non-voice based BPO category.

  • Front office outsourcing: Here the job is front office service oriented. The nature of the job is to provide customer related services and contact center services and inquiries. This is a voice-based BPO category.

Qualification required for BPO job

  • For a BPO job, the basic educational qualification is Intermediate or Plus 2, for a nontechnical voice based BPO category job.

  • Good communication skills and knowledge, fluency and good accent and a presentable voice are a must.

  • Computer knowledge, the ability to browse the internet, ability to send and receive emails, good typing speed, expertise in M.S.Office is required.

  • Patience at taking calls and replying to queries, interpersonal skills and good listening skills and a presentable voice is a must.

  • At the same time if applying for a technical non-voice based BPO job some companies insist on B.Tech or B.Com Degrees as a basic requirement as the candidate has to handle matters relating to finance, accounting, purchase, sales and human resources.

Why has outsourcing become a must?

  • Business processing outsourcing has become a clever alternative opted to by most countries and companies as it has its advantages.

  • Outsourcing is cheaper and cost-effective.

  • Shortage of technical staff or particular know-how has left no other option except outsourcing.

BPO is a smart initiative to get non-core work done by experts. BPOs are very popular both in offshore, onshore and nearshore projects among many countries today.