What Exactly Is a Kiosk?

Generally speaking, a kiosk is a tiny, temporary, stand-alone booth that is placed in high-traffic locations for the purpose of marketing. A kiosk is often staffed by one or two people who work together to draw attention to the booth in order to get new clients.

Key Points Briefly

  • Kiosk is used by small and large businesses and they are generally temporary, stand alone booth located to attract consumers and promote brand.

  • There could be just a couple of people incharge of a Kiosk or in some modern situations, they are automated.

  • These are considered to be cost-effective solitons for small businesses and attract consumers directly.

  • One must have seen the famous food stall kiosk, but now it has moved to other sectors like banking, healthcare and Ben entertainment industry.

  • There is brand recognition due to kiosk as there is distinction of Colors and labels and people get to personally know these brands closely.

Kiosks − What You Need to Know

They are used in places where you get most number of people, for example a live event or a movie place to attract new consumers and raise brand awareness. Tiny, temporary stand alone booths are easy on the budget and easy to manage.

Over the years companies have started using them in various sectors and not stuck with traditional shops only. For example, we now see health, government, and entertainment industries aggressively using them.

They are also used as food stalls at exhibition and make good return of investment. The biggest attraction are at shopping malls where we see young and old get drawn towards these kiosks.

Electronic kiosks have also invaded the market and made it easy for consumer to interact. There are more attractions at a kiosk today than when it was first launched.

Kiosks are available in a variety of configurations.

Kiosks are of multiple varities, depending on the nature of the company and whether the owner wants to make it electronic or staff it with people. In most cases, the location has something to do with the type of the kiosk as well. Some examples of Kiosks are −

  • Kiosks for Job Seekers

    In addition to kiosks that offer retail goods or services, some businesses set up recruitment kiosks where job searchers may apply for open positions on the spot. This kind of kiosk is particularly prevalent in large retail chains such as Walmart. Employment kiosks are a convenient method to rapidly discover qualified applicants, who are then given the opportunity to interview on the place.

  • Kiosks for Food Service

    Food service kiosks are most commonly seen across the world due to its low cost and huge return on investment. There are several options for the customers to order from a variety of dishes and also accept electronic payments.

  • Kiosks for Health-Care Services - Example

    During COVID-19 as well we had situations of mobile clinic setup for vaccination drive across multiple countries. This was a new adaptation from the health sector to provide noninvasive and affordable solutions.

  • ATM Kiosks are located around the world.

    The most commonly seen kiosk is the ATM, that is present around the world. Many new models are developed on this approach, that allow users to withdraw and add cash electronically from the kiosk itself. Similar to ATM, there are cryptocurrency kiosks as well. Wheile the currency is still in development stage these are also getting popular.

Updated on: 05-Aug-2021


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