What are the skills in digital marketing that can get you a job instantly?

Knowledge is not the only component that is taken into consideration while selecting an employee to an organization. Skills inevitably compliment to the knowledge and it is only through skills that various components of knowledge get executed appropriately.

The expected skill set that makes a person more employable and competent for any kind of challenge is as follows:

  • Leadership skills − A good leader paves way for success in the organization and thus leadership is an integral part of an organization. Leadership is a continuous process of influencing and motivating your subordinates. Some important aspects of leadership that help in accelerating the pace of work are raising the confidence level of employees to increase work efficiency and productivity, taking up new initiatives, guide and mentor people, encourage teamwork, etc.

  • Communication − forms the foundation of successful human interactions. Communication helps to reach out to people and promote new ideas. It helps to promote new strategies and policies based on the information on principles and procedures. Effective communication skills in an individual ensure a proper feedback process. Proper communication skills of a person highlight the clarity which is essential for problem-solving and conflict resolution.

  • Relationship building − Relationship building is a very complex process for the success of an organization. It involves building relationships with different stakeholders i.e. partner organizations, government officials, customers, clients, etc and also building a strong culture of interpersonal relationships within the organizations. This skill in one individual can help in expanding the organization. Some major issues and disputes can be resolved on how effectively an individual has built a relationship with varied people within and outside the organization.

  • Effective writing skills − Writing can be connected to communicate through the written channel. Drafting proper emails, addressing the queries correctly, promptness and apt reply for different letters etc play a very important role to channelize the work of the organization.

  • Exposure to technology − It is mandatory for a person to have full knowledge of MS Office. There is more emphasis on technology-based data processing and hence knowledge of internet and computer programming gives an edge to a person in an organization.

  • Time management − According to Peter Drucker, ‘Time is the scarcest resources and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed ’. A person needs to possess the skill of prioritizing the tasks in the work schedule, plan accordingly based on the utility of the tasks, keep up to the deadlines, adhere to punctuality, etc. All these form a part of an effective delegation of work and completion of tasks.

Updated on: 29-Apr-2022


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