What are the requirements to become a Public Relations Officer?

Public relations officers also known as public relations or communications specialists, facilitate relations between organizations and the public. They may work for corporations, non-profit groups, or government agencies.

Requirements To Become A Public Relations Officer

  • Degree: One does not usually need a very high-level degree. A foundation level degree is acceptable. MBA is a huge add-on, although.

  • Start Low: One may start as a public assistant, and then become Public relations officer.

  • Confidence: A qualification in such professions would be Confidence and self-motivational skills. These do come under the banner of soft skills, which are a necessity in this field.

  • Excellent Communication Skills: If one lacks the flair of speaking like a good orator, one is bound to have a stagnant growth in this field.

  • Ability To Work Under Pressure: Often, one may not perform well under stringent deadlines. But in this case, it is imperative to be good at performing productively under pressure.

  • Certification: Optional certification is available from the Public Relations Society of America and the International Association of Business Communicators. These are not mandatory, but help one outshine others.

  • Knowledge of Apple iPhoto or Adobe Photoshop: This is again not compulsory, but desirable in recruiting a Public relations manager.

  • Problem-Solving Skills: The person should be analytical and logical enough to understand basic stuff.

  • Teamwork: One cannot succeed alone. It is the contribution of the teamwork, and it requires adjustment and focus.

  • Creativity: It is said that the right part of our brain is responsible for creativity and one needs to be highly creative in such a profession.

  • Customer service skills

  • Achievement Orientated: The applicant should be result driven and not feeble-hearted.

Thus, this field is very challenging. It requires great perseverance to pursue it and be successful.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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