What are the Key Success Factors in Information Security?

Key success factors are the important component needed for a company to compete in its target industry. For some effectual biometrics system, there are a some essential factors associated with it including accuracy, speed and throughput rate, acknowledgment by users, exclusiveness of biometrics organ and action, reliability, data storage requirement, enrolment time, intrusiveness of data collection, etc. An effective implementation of biometrics system would base on these factors as follows −

Accuracy − It is the essential trait of a biometric identification verification system. If the system cannot accurately separate an authentic person from an imposter, it should not be treated a biometrics identification system. There are two concerns that appears-false rejection rate (FRR) and false acceptance rate (FAR) −

  • FRR − This rate is generally articulated as a percentage. It is the rate at which authentic, enrolled persons are damaged as anonymous persons by a biometrics system. It is also known as Type 1 error. When FRR increase, it can be fine if it is a tight security area including defense or medical foundation but not fine if it is a retail business.

  • Crossover Error Rate (CER) − It is the rate at which FAR and FRR compares. It is also known as EER and is defined as a percentage. This is the essential measure of biometrics system efficiency.

Speed and Throughput Rate − For biometrics system categorization, speed and throughput are crucial. Data-processing ability of the biometrics system determines the speed; it is declared as how quick the accept or reject decision is articulated. It can relates to the authentication phase; the system install, card input or PIN; inputting the physical information by adding the hand or finger, aligning the eye speaking access words or signing a name processing and matching of data documents, etc.

Acceptability by Users − User acceptability to-date is a major confront for enveloping deployment of biometrics systems, this is generally owing to the social sigma connected to the biometrics system supported their nature and lack of enough responsiveness on biometrics identification system.

Uniqueness of Biometrics Organ and Action − The intention of biometrics system is positive identification of the personnel- defined. It is important that the systems are depends on unique traits of the employees.

Reliability of Biometrics − When using biometrics verification systems, it is essential that they function in an effective fashion. The concept of system’s reliability is linked to its ‘selectivity’. Reliability is a prospect that a matcher system will recognize the mate when the mate is present in the system repository, while selectivity is the number of incorrect mates decided for a definite search.

Enrolment Time in Biometrics − Enrolment time is also so much of a care these days. In the earlier days, biometrics system had enrolment procedure requiring some repetitions and several minutes to complete.

Updated on: 04-Mar-2022


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