What are the different ways to install pandas?

Python pandas package can be installed via multiple ways which are −

Using Anaconda distributions
Using mini conda
Using pip

Using Anaconda distributions

If you are using anaconda distribution already in your system then no need to install pandas again Because pandas is a part of anaconda distribution. So we can directly import the pandas.

To install a specific pandas version, give the below command

conda install pandas=1.1.5

This will install the pandas 1.1.5 version

Using mini conda

Both Anaconda and minconda use the conda package installer, but using anaconda will occupy more system storage. Because anaconda has more than 100 packages, those are automatically installed and the result needs more space.

To overcome this we can use miniconda as it is a minimal version of conda’s installer. Install pandas by using the below command.

conda install pandas

This command will install pandas latest version onto your system.

Using with pip

Pip is a package installer for Python, as we are using python already in our systems we can directly use the below command in the command prompt (for windows users) and terminal (for ubuntu users).

pip install pandas

This will download the pandas package, wait for download completion. If you see any pip up-gradation error then just upgrade the pip by below command

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

And again run pip install pandas command this time it will work.

By using any of these above ways, we can install pandas. After that, we can import pandas by using the import keyword in python, and then only we can work with the pandas package.