What are the differences between Blog and Vlog?

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Let us understand the concepts of Blog and Vlog before learning the differences between them.


Blogging is a website or an online log wherever authors share opinions, thoughts and their experiences, observations etc almost any specific topic. If you are a good writer and have no problem in placing thoughts into words then, blogging might be the correct decision.

Blogging does not need a selection of equipment. The most essential things are a desktop or a laptop and internet connection.


The advantages of blog are as follows −

  • Share your information and your desires
  • Earn money online
  • Improve your script ability
  • Form an online collection
  • Gain expertise in your business.


The disadvantages of blog are as follows −

  • Blogs can be time consuming.

  • It can be challenging for people with economic problems to rely only on blogs for income.

  • To maintain discipline while writing a blog is difficult.

  • Attitude and learning needs to be proper before writing on a subject on your blog.


It means video blogging and this contains distribution information, thoughts, experience or providing advice in a video setup form. If you are somebody who likes sharing interesting topics, points of opinions or daily life activities by just recording then, vlogging is the exact side for you.

Vlogs have existed from the January 2nd, 2000 when Adam Kontras posted his first video showcasing the journey to Los Angeles, to his personal blog for friends and family, in order to follow along in his journey.


The advantages of vlog are as follows −

  • It allows people to showcase their personality.

  • It provides a person, whether it's someone in their company, a customer, or an actor, in order to represent their brand.


The disadvantages of vlog are as follows −

  • People tend to get intimidated by technology.

  • Moreover, people don't know the way to incorporate the technology and their knowledge into their blog.


The major differences between blog and vlog are as follows −

Blog is also called as weblogVlog is the combination of blog and video
Blog consists of webpages of regularly updated content with text and images.Vlog consists of the content mostly in video format.
The hosting platforms of Blog are WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Tumblr etc.The hosting platforms of Vlog are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Blog spend amount only for web hosting.Vlog is not that expensive as we can record short videos using our smart phone cameras.
Blogs are less users compared to VlogVlog has more users to watch than Blog
Blogs make money mostly out of affiliate links.Vlog makes more money out of advertisements.
Updated on 23-Mar-2022 11:17:08