What are the differences between Azure and GCP?

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Let us understand the concepts of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) before learning the differences between them.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a competitor to AWS with more capable cloud infrastructure. It is formally known as Microsoft Azure, is a service that enables creating and testing cloud based services, deploying and managing them through various data centres which are managed by Microsoft.


The advantages of Azure are as follows −

  • Accessibility

  • Profoundly Secured

  • Common sense

  • Adaptable and Cost-Effective Scalability


The disadvantages of Azure are as follows −

  • Requires Management for Effective Use.

  • Your Location can affect its speed.

  • No Access to Windows Client Images.

Google Cloud

Google cloud is a public cloud computing service offered by Google. It includes a range of services for compute, storage and application development which run on Google hardware, the services can be accessed by software developers, cloud administrators and other enterprise IT professionals through public internet or a dedicated network connection.


The advantages of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are as follows −

  • Very much definite documentation including an API reference direct

  • Diverse capacity classes for your ideal need - Regional (continuous use), Nearline (inconsistent use), and Coldline (long haul use).

  • Information stockpiling is accessible in numerous locales - North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

  • Simple and consistent combination with other Google Cloud Services like Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, or App Engine.

  • Perhaps the most profoundly evaluated free layers around. Clients get $300 in free credit once joined to any Google Cloud Platform administration during the principal year. From the second year onwards, there's 5GB of capacity accessible for use.


The disadvantages of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are as follows −

  • Very expensive help charge of about $150 each month for Silver class which is the most essential of services.

  • The expense of downloading information from Google Cloud Storage is very high.

  • The web interface can be scary and befuddling.

  • The SDKs API seems insecure.

  • The valuing plan is convoluted and one can undoubtedly get extra charges.


The major differences between Azure and Google Cloud Platform are as follows −

Google Cloud Platform
Azure has 54 districts worldwide and is accessible in 140 nations from one side of the planet to the other.
Google Cloud Platform has been made accessible in 20 areas all throughout the planet with 3 more on their way.
Microsoft Azure is in runner-up, possessing around 16% of the overall piece of the pie.
Google, in the third spot, takes ownership of 10% of the piece of the overall industry around the world.
Azure is acquiring a lot of prominent clients with time. As of now, Azure has very nearly 80% of Fortune 500 organizations as its clients.
Google, then again, shares the very framework as that of Google Search. Accordingly, some top-of-the-line organizations have placed their confidence in Google Cloud.
The significant clients are Johnson Controls, Polycom, Fujifilm, HP, Honeywell, Apple, and so forth.
Significant customers of Google Cloud are HSBC, PayPal, twentieth Century Fox, Bloomberg, Dominos, and then some.
Integrating the existing applications of Microsoft products is very easy.
Difficulty with integrating Microsoft applications.
Azure provides stronger capabilities of platform as a services to customer compared to other cloud providers.
GCP will also provide platform as a services but not much as Azure.
Azure is compatible with the .Net programming language which is the most advantageous way to create more applications.
GCP is not a good choice for the organizations which are using .Net Programming.
As azure consist of built Microsoft technologies , it very easy to create websites.
Difficult to create websites compared to azure.
Azure is not well suited for data analytics applications.
GCP well suited for data analytics.
There is no very rich set of API available.
Very rich set of API are available which leads easy development of applications.
Very less open source tools available.
Very rich set of open source tool options available.
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