What are the changes we can make in our society without much effort?

It does not matter whether you are alone or in a group, as long as you are willing to make a change you can.

How It Can Be Done?

  • Reach Out People: Get out there and help others. You see a beggar shivering in chilled, provide him a blanket. You see your maid unable to impart her child a basic school education, adopt that child by just paying his/her school fees partially or completely.

  • Change Your Own Mindset: Not everyone is Narendra Modi or Mukesh Ambani. And there is no need to have that name either. Be one or be with many ones, spend your leisure time with slum kids and try to do little things. The smiles you bring will be precious.

  • Be In A Group: Small groups may create small changes initially. But with effort, the effects may be visible on a wider section of the society.

What Can Be Done?

  • Donate Blood: Blood donation is a noble act. Many people die daily due to the lack of availability of blood in case of dire emergency. Hence, one must be a part of this noble cause.

  • Volunteering: Be a part of many successful NGOs . One may even volunteer without being a part of any NGO and just like a truant by, roaming and spreading love.

  • Light the Lamp of Knowledge: Education is a jewel not possessed by everyone. Teach poor kids in your free time.

  • Save Food, Save Water: Not only money is an exhaustible asset. Even food, water, etc., should not be wasted. It may help our future generations.

  • Donate Used Clothing: We all have so many clothes lying in our wardrobes that we do not wear. It is better to give it to someone who has only a handful of clothes to wear.

  • Be Humble, Be Polite: Anger, envy, falsehood are the vices prevailing in our society. It is the time to eradicate them from our lives and make the world a better place to live in.

  • Be A Patient Listener: Learning is an ongoing process. Do not always speak, but speak to listen.

A simple smile makes us more approachable and attractive to others. Be grateful for what God has given to us and spread love everywhere.