What are the beautiful untranslatable Hindi words?

There are some words in Hindi, which are beautiful and cannot be translated into English. We can only describe the meaning of the word in a sentence but there are no exact replacements in English. In India, we use some Hindi words as it is even in our English documents to keep up their sanctity.

  • Viraha - the realization of love through separation

  • Akashvani - celestial announcement ( voice from skies)

  • Maya - The illusion or deceptive appearance of this physical world. Acts of God which cannot be understood by humans.

  • Pushpanjali - Pushpa- flowers; Anjali - folded hands - Folded hands with full of flowers

  • Gagansparsh - Touching the sky; rising so high

  • Chinmaya - Supreme bliss and ecstasy

  • Shubharambh - Auspicious beginning

  • Raabta - Connection between two souls which is beyond explanation

  • Jijivisha - The strong desire to live and continue living

  • Indriya - All the five senses put together

  • Kanyadaan - To give away the bride on the day of the wedding

  • Jazba - Strong desire or passion

  • Intezaar - Waiting for something/someone in hopeful anticipation

  • Rakhi - A silk thread or string that a sister ties around his brother's hand strengthening their bond.

  • Guzarish - An earnest or humble request

  • Moksha - Liberation of a soul from the eternal cycle of birth and death

Updated on: 26-Jun-2020

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