How to create beautiful and useful infographics

We all know the old saying – A picture is worth a thousand words referring to the idea that, complex topics can be conveyed with just a single image. Since, it is widely believed that, essence and meaning of content can be explained better through visual mode in a better way. Also, it is fun to look at pleasant pictures or watching cool videos than to read normal text.

In advertising and media industry, It is also a proven fact that, visual content drives more traffic and engagement than text does. Trying a cool infographic is the new trend. This article explores on the currently available popular websites which provide infographic features.

Infographics – For Better Visual Communication

An infographic provides a quick and an easy way to understand the content of a topic without having to read tons of words. It is an easy and an effective way to showcase your idea by making use of data visualizations. It is visually engaging and is the best and the most appealing choice to your target audience. Almost every business benefits from infographics and the statistics show that around 40% of people respond better to visual information than text.

Without any further ado, let us now discuss few tools that help us create beautiful and useful infographics −


Visme is the multi-tool you have been waiting for. It allows you to create engaging content in the form of infographics, reports, product demos, presentations, web banners, resumes and much more. Visme is a simple tool which allows you to personalize every element of your project to fit your exact needs. It also allows you to embed YouTube videos directly into your project designs. It is very user-friendly. For example, the changes in the graph appear automatically once you change the number value in the corresponding field. Also, it is equally safe and secure as it provides the facility to keep our projects private in one click. We have the freedom to share our projects in our website/blog or other social channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. There are special pricing plans to facilitate the students and teachers. The official website is


We often experience a dilemma when the time comes to design our resume. All of us have talent and achievements, but we do not find platform to organize and group them in a systematic manner, During this period, we may even miss out on mentioning them. In order to assist us in building our resume attractively and impressively, one of the best choice would be It is a great tool that helps us arrange our achievements, talents and other categories in an organized, yet eye-captivating manner. We have tools to display our experience using timelines, skills using bubble charts, tree maps, pictograms and many other formats. Once we sign in using alert(“XSS”); or Google+ accounts, we can select from a range of themes and build our resume. The official site is


Venngage is a striking tool that helps us create not only infographics but also reports, posters, promotions and social media posts. It provides charts, maps, icons and other visuals to help us tell our story visually in an alluring manner. It has a drag-and-drop frame work and hence no prior knowledge of designing required. It also provides a facility to publish our infographics on social channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, alert(“XSS”); or embed them to our blogs/websites or even download them in image or pdf formats. The official site is


Piktochart is one of the best looking tools. It helps us take our visual communication to a next level without having to hire any professional designer. We have many templates to create infographics, reports, posters and even presentations. Their personal tour on the official website gives a clear cut idea on how to begin with using piktochart. We can add our projects to our website or share with a preferred mail-id or other social media platforms. They can be printed in jpg/png/pdf formats in a range of different resolutions. There are many pricing packages available under different categories. The official website is


If our sole purpose is to create an infographic, then, this is the right choice. It provides very basic design layouts and assets with not many editable charts present. It is very easy to handle this tool as it not only contains basic entities but there are a plethora of designs when compared to other tools. It is a free online tool and assures quality downloadable versions of jpg and pdf formats. The official website is

When it comes to digital marketing or social media marketing, it is highly essential to be short and precise while advertising our product or idea. The posters/ posts/ infographics/ presentations must be appealing and must be easily understandable without having to eat away the valuable time of the users who are reviewing them. Thus, making use of such interactive and user-friendly tools makes our job easy and also ensures quality. Give these tools a try…Cheers!

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