What are the advantages of using Cucumber?

Some of the advantages of using Cucumber are listed below −

  • Cucumber is an open source tool and does not require licensing.

  • Cucumber can be easily configured with IDEs like Eclipse.

  • Cucumber bridges the understanding and communication gaps among developers, testers, business analysts, customers and product owners.

  • Cucumber enables the participation of business stakeholders who do not have technical knowhow.

  • Cucumber gives plain text representation which enables easy understanding for non-technical members in the team.

  • Cucumber is easy to maintain and is scalable.

  • Cucumber increases the reusability of important steps.

  • Cucumber promotes teamwork since each individual in the team can contribute.

  • Cucumber uses the Gherkin tool which is simple and easy to use.

  • Cucumber is a behavior driven tool which supports multiple programming languages like Groovy, Java and so on.

  • Cucumber supports Behavior Driven development and can be used to test only web based applications.