What are the applications of C++ programming?

C++ is a widely used programming language that is used for writing large-scale commercial applications for end-users. Some of the major applications built using C++ by major software vendors and giants are −

  • Google − Google file system, Google Chromium browser, and MapReduce large cluster data processing are all written in C++.
  • Mozilla − Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird email chat client are both written using C++.
  • MySQL − MySQL, an open source DBMS is written using C++.
  • Microsoft − Many windows apps that you regularly use are written in C++.
  • Rockstar Games − Almost all major game companies use C++ due to its sheer speed on bare metal. Many major game engines are fully written in C++ and leverage its speed and OOP capabilities.
  • MongoDB − An open-source database, widely used as the back end store for web applications, as well as in large enterprises like Viacom and Disney.
  • Morgan Stanley − They use it for a huge part of their financial modeling. The creator of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup works here.

Looksmart is predominantly written in C++. All products related to searching and exploring the web are written in C++. Used by well over 5,000,000 unique users per day.

And many more companies use C++ daily in their production apps due to its sheer speed. You can check out an exhaustive list of these major C++ based projects on www.stroustrup.com/applications.html