What are executable statements in C language?

A ‘C’ program contains executable statements. A compiler helps to translate the executable statements into machine language.

When a user runs the program, he/she machines the language statements which are executed by the compiler.

Types of executable statements

The types of executable statements in C language are as follows −

  • Input – output statements
  • Assignment statements

Input-output statements

  • Storing a value into memory is called ‘input operation’.

  • After executing the computations, the results are stored in memory and the results can be displayed to the user by ‘output operation’.

  • All i/o operations are performed using input / output functions.

  • The most common I/O functions are supplied through the preprocessor directive # include<stdio.h>.

  • The most commonly used I/O functions are printf ( ) and scanf ( ).

printf ( ) function

The syntax is as follows −

printf("format string", print list);

For example,

printf ("average of 3 numbers = %f",avg);
  • The printf ( ) displays the value of its format string

scanf ( ) function

The syntax is as follows −

scanf ("format string", input list);

For example, scanf ("%d %f", &a, &b);

  • The scanf ( ) copies data typed at the keyboard into memory during program execution.

  • The input list is preceded by ampersand ( &).

Assignment statements

The assignment statements store a value in a variable and is used to perform arithmetic operations in a program.


The syntax is as follows −


For example,

  • c = a+b;
  • avg = sum/3;
  • r1 = (b*b – 4 * a*c);


Following is the C program for computing an average of three numbers −

 Live Demo

   int a,b,c,d;
   float avg;
   printf("Enter values for a,b,c:
");    scanf("%d%d%d",&a,&b,&c);// The scanf ( ) copies data typed at the keyboard into    //memory during program execution.    d=a+b+c; //assignment stmt    avg=d/3;    printf("Average avg=%f",avg); }


You will see the following output −

Enter values for a,b,c:2 3 4
Average avg=3.000000

Updated on: 15-Mar-2021

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