VBA - User Forms

A User Form is a custom-built dialog box that makes a user data entry more controllable and easier to use for the user. In this chapter, you will learn to design a simple form and add data into excel.

Step 1 − Navigate to VBA Window by pressing Alt+F11 and Navigate to "Insert" Menu and select "User Form". Upon selecting, the user form is displayed as shown in the following screenshot.

Decision making statements in VBScript

Step 2 − Design the forms using the given controls.

Decision making statements in VBScript

Step 3 − After adding each control, the controls have to be named. Caption corresponds to what appears on the form and name corresponds to the logical name that will be appearing when you write VBA code for that element.

Decision making statements in VBScript

Step 4 − Following are the names against each one of the added controls.

Control Logical Name Caption
From frmempform Employee Form
Employee ID Label Box empid Employee ID
firstname Label Box firstname First Name
lastname Label Box lastname Last Name
dob Label Box dob Date of Birth
mailid Label Box mailid Email ID
Passportholder Label Box Passportholder Passport Holder
Emp ID Text Box txtempid NOT Applicable
First Name Text Box txtfirstname NOT Applicable
Last Name Text Box txtlastname NOT Applicable
Email ID Text Box txtemailid NOT Applicable
Date Combo Box cmbdate NOT Applicable
Month Combo Box cmbmonth NOT Applicable
Year Combo Box cmbyear NOT Applicable
Yes Radio Button radioyes Yes
No Radio Button radiono No
Submit Button btnsubmit Submit
Cancel Button btncancel Cancel

Step 5 − Add the code for the form load event by performing a right-click on the form and selecting 'View Code'.

Decision making statements in VBScript

Step 6 − Select ‘Userform’ from the objects drop-down and select 'Initialize' method as shown in the following screenshot.

Decision making statements in VBScript

Step 7 − Upon Loading the form, ensure that the text boxes are cleared, drop-down boxes are filled and Radio buttons are reset.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
   'Empty Emp ID Text box and Set the Cursor 
   txtempid.Value = ""
   'Empty all other text box fields
   txtfirstname.Value = ""
   txtlastname.Value = ""
   txtemailid.Value = ""
   'Clear All Date of Birth Related Fields
   'Fill Date Drop Down box - Takes 1 to 31
   With cmbdate
      .AddItem "1"
      .AddItem "2"
      .AddItem "3"
      .AddItem "4"
      .AddItem "5"
      .AddItem "6"
      .AddItem "7"
      .AddItem "8"
      .AddItem "9"
      .AddItem "10"
      .AddItem "11"
      .AddItem "12"
      .AddItem "13"
      .AddItem "14"
      .AddItem "15"
      .AddItem "16"
      .AddItem "17"
      .AddItem "18"
      .AddItem "19"
      .AddItem "20"
      .AddItem "21"
      .AddItem "22"
      .AddItem "23"
      .AddItem "24"
      .AddItem "25"
      .AddItem "26"
      .AddItem "27"
      .AddItem "28"
      .AddItem "29"
      .AddItem "30"
      .AddItem "31"
   End With
   'Fill Month Drop Down box - Takes Jan to Dec
   With cmbmonth
      .AddItem "JAN"
      .AddItem "FEB"
      .AddItem "MAR"
      .AddItem "APR"
      .AddItem "MAY"
      .AddItem "JUN"
      .AddItem "JUL"
      .AddItem "AUG"
      .AddItem "SEP"
      .AddItem "OCT"
      .AddItem "NOV"
      .AddItem "DEC"
   End With
   'Fill Year Drop Down box - Takes 1980 to 2014
   With cmbyear
      .AddItem "1980"
      .AddItem "1981"
      .AddItem "1982"
      .AddItem "1983"
      .AddItem "1984"
      .AddItem "1985"
      .AddItem "1986"
      .AddItem "1987"
      .AddItem "1988"
      .AddItem "1989"
      .AddItem "1990"
      .AddItem "1991"
      .AddItem "1992"
      .AddItem "1993"
      .AddItem "1994"
      .AddItem "1995"
      .AddItem "1996"
      .AddItem "1997"
      .AddItem "1998"
      .AddItem "1999"
      .AddItem "2000"
      .AddItem "2001"
      .AddItem "2002"
      .AddItem "2003"
      .AddItem "2004"
      .AddItem "2005"
      .AddItem "2006"
      .AddItem "2007"
      .AddItem "2008"
      .AddItem "2009"
      .AddItem "2010"
      .AddItem "2011"
      .AddItem "2012"
      .AddItem "2013"
      .AddItem "2014"
   End With
   'Reset Radio Button. Set it to False when form loads.
   radioyes.Value = False
   radiono.Value = False

End Sub

Step 8 − Now add the code to the Submit button. Upon clicking the submit button, the user should be able to add the values into the worksheet.

Private Sub btnsubmit_Click()
   Dim emptyRow As Long
   'Make Sheet1 active
   'Determine emptyRow
   emptyRow = WorksheetFunction.CountA(Range("A:A")) + 1
   'Transfer information
   Cells(emptyRow, 1).Value = txtempid.Value
   Cells(emptyRow, 2).Value = txtfirstname.Value
   Cells(emptyRow, 3).Value = txtlastname.Value
   Cells(emptyRow, 4).Value = cmbdate.Value & "/" & cmbmonth.Value & "/" & cmbyear.Value
   Cells(emptyRow, 5).Value = txtemailid.Value
   If radioyes.Value = True Then
      Cells(emptyRow, 6).Value = "Yes"
      Cells(emptyRow, 6).Value = "No"
   End If
End Sub

Step 9 − Add a method to close the form when the user clicks the Cancel button.

Private Sub btncancel_Click()
   Unload Me
End Sub

Step 10 − Execute the form by clicking the "Run" button. Enter the values into the form and click the 'Submit' button. Automatically the values will flow into the worksheet as shown in the following screenshot.

Decision making statements in VBScript
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