VBA - String Function

The String function fills a string with the specified character for specified number of times.



Parameter Description

  • Number − A required parameter. An integer value, which would be repeated for a specified number of times against the character parameter.

  • Character − A required parameter. Character value, which has to be repeated for a specified number of times.


Add a button and add the following function.

Private Sub Constant_demo_Click()
   msgbox("Line 1 :" & String(3,"$"))
   msgbox("Line 2 :" & String(4,"*"))
   msgbox("Line 3 :" & String(5,100))
   msgbox("Line 4 :" & String(6,"ABCDE"))
End Sub

When you execute the above function, it produces the following output.

Line 1 :$$$
Line 2 :****
Line 3 :ddddd
Line 4 :AAAAAA