Urethane is colourless and odourless in nature. It is one of nitrogen based crystalline compound. Urethane produces harmful fumes when thermal heating is applied upto its decomposition level. This has many uses like, in the production of pesticides, fumigants, and medicines.

This linked to carbamate. This polymer consists of organic chains. Urethane is extracted by the chemical reaction of Polyol and isocyanate. This compound is used in the production of Polyurethanes. Polyurethanes consist of a couple of functional groups in every molecule.

What is Urethane?

Urethane is a type of polymer that contains organic chains bonded with carbamate linkages. It was introduced in the year of 1990, as a brand new polyurethane hybrid product. It is also known as PU-Polyera elastomers. This is used by the U.S navy as a layer in their desk. This layer gives a touch of durability and resistant too and provides a link with thermoplastics. This is a superb source of protection against wear. Polyurethane is composed of a couple of liquid streams.

The initial composition is polyol and composed of blowing agents whereas, the second component is isocyanate. This goes through many filtration processes, which are known as resin-blend. This resin is processed with distinct process with the help of fillers and pigments along with other components used in the process. Polyurethane is considered one of the important substances in the case of top coatings.

Figure 1: Polyurethane

There are changes in its properties of hardness and densities which can be changed by improving the qualities of polyol and isocyanate additives. In the past, urethane is used in the production of flexible foams and fibres. This polymer has been processed further, to get additional benefits in the case of plastics. This plastics and further processed polymers are obtained through polycondensation. Urethane has the mechanism of persuading tumours in different types of animal breeds.

This chemical has a formula of $\mathrm{C_3H_7NO_2}$. In the year of 1976, Ough was established for the first and classified ethyl carbamate. This was processed naturally in foods such as bread, butter, wine, and soy sauce. The fume generated by this component is highly toxic in nature. These toxins are polyurethane having some disadvantages and also responsible for diseases like, asthma and breathing problems. This problem continues if this is not rectified correctly. Urethane acts as a catalyst in the case of industrial parts like, painting, coating, fibres, and adhesives along with many other uses.

Properties of Urethane

The properties of urethane based on its physical and chemical nature are as follows −

  • Urethane when gets reacted with the chemical substance known as ethyl alcohol and this concludes the extraction of polyurethane and water.

  • Another mechanism where Urethane is completely reacted with the combustion reaction then, it produces ammonia, carbon dioxide, and water. The reaction is demonstrated with the chemical reactions as follows −

$$\mathrm{C_3H_7NO_2 + 3O_2 = NH_3 + 3CO_2 + 2H_2O.}$$

Urethane: Characteristics

The characteristics of Urethane are as follows −

  • Urethane is known to have a high tensile strength and performs as hostility to water, oil and grease.

  • This consists of tensile properties against the electrical feature and its characteristics.

  • It is known to have strong linkage properties.

  • It has great mechanisms and performance in a rigid environment.

  • This changes in its colour segments when gets injected in polyurethane in the case of the manufacturing process.

  • This ensures small leading times during the manufacturing process, which acts as an economical tool and cuts down the cost.

  • This has variety in the Resiliency range.

  • This acts as a barrier against the mold, mildew, and Fungus.

Uses of Urethane

Figure 2: Ethyl carbamate (Urethane)

The followings are some of the important uses of urethane −

  • The chemical substance ethyl carbamate when collected in small portions is identified in the fruit juices. These fruit juices mixes with antimicrobial agent diethyl dicarbonate.

  • Experimentally it is obtained that urethane is extracted from the reaction of DEDC with the residual ammonia. This has a processing function obtained from orange juice, wine and beer.

  • It is used in the medical industries as a chemical product and in biochemical research and drug.

  • This component can readily dissolve fumigants and pesticides and also acts as a solubilizer.

  • The monomer of polyurethane is known as Urethane. This provides a guard against the fire, in extreme cold, and moisture. This also saves the woods and other concrete substances.


Polyurethane is a polymer which contains organic chains attached to the carbamate link. In the year of 1990, a new polyurethane hybrid was established known as PU-Polyera elastomers. This is used by the U.S navy as a material in their desk. This material consists of durability and resistant properties and provides a bond with thermoplastics. Urethane when gets chemically reacteed with a chemical substance known as ethyl alcohol. This process concludes with the extraction of polyurethane and water. Polyurethane has its theory injected in horse, auto bushings, seat foam, and spandex.


Q1. What are the demerits of Urethane?

Ans. Urethane consists of a substance, which is known as a potent carcinogen. Potent carcinogen is the reason for the occurrence of tumour in animals. After that, when this is injected, it might cause problems in the immune system of animals.

Q2. What is the usefulness of Urethane?

Ans. This performs as a solubilizer and is used in the case of thermal infusion and it is used in shaping elastomers and foot wears. This is also used in making straps and coatings and in other things also.

Q3. What is the meaning of Catalyst under Urethane?

Ans. This acts as a reactive and delayed reaction in the case of the production of polyurethane. Catalyst is also used for industrial purposes in different industries.

Updated on: 17-Apr-2023


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