Understanding Tethering Network

Tethering is the feature that uses mobile phone data as a modem or router which connects to other mobile devices or laptops or any device that requires an internet connection. When the user needs to upload or download any document using a laptop or desktop machine than an internet facility can be made available in any environment using tethering as a wireless or wired network.

Connecting data from a mobile device to a laptop or other devices can be done by Wired setup involves connecting the required device to a USB cable and wireless setup is using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile hotspots.

Let’s show you an example

During traveling when a user wants to connect to the internet on a laptop or a mobile device and searches for an available Wi-Fi hotspot, if there exists an open connection then data of that public device(PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile )data is ready for tethering. This establishes a connection between the public device and the user’s laptop or mobile.

Tethering Methods

The tethering method varies based on the environment where the internet connection has to be shared by the users. As said earlier, it is divided into wired and wireless connections.

When the user’s mobile device does not support any of the default methods of tethering then the user can download any third-party application or tool to enable the tethering feature for the device.

1. Tethering via USB cable

USB abbreviated as Universal Serial Bus provides a wired cable to connect from a mobile device to a laptop, tablet, or another portable device. Using this cable, the data connection can be shared from the mobile phone to the required device.

Steps to connect via USB cable

  • Plug the mobile device into the PC or laptop which needs a data connection with a USB cable.

  • In a mobile phone, click on the Setting option then look for Network and sharing tab.

  • Find the tethering option, then enable the USB tethering option.

  • Now, a laptop or PC detects this connection, and sharing of the internet is available on the device from the mobile phone which is connected via a USB cable.

  • Notification appears on the PC or laptop when the connection has been set and it is in active state.

These steps can vary based on the mobile phone with the Android Operating system and iPhone.

This connection is more secure than using public Wi-Fi and the data transfer rate is high when compared to wireless connections.

2. Tethering Using Bluetooth option

When a user does not have a wired cable to connect to PC or laptop for an internet connection, then Bluetooth is one of the best options to make data sharing wirelessly within a short range of distance.

Many people use Bluetooth only to send pictures, videos, or any files but even an internet connection can be shared from a mobile phone to Laptop or PC. This Bluetooth device will act as a modem to share the data with other connected systems.

Steps to connect via Bluetooth

  • In a mobile device, click on the Settings option then on Network connections.

  • Click on the Mobile hotspot and tethering option and under that find the Bluetooth tethering option.

  • Now enable the Bluetooth tethering option, then on Laptop or PC right click on the Bluetooth option.

  • Select Join a personal area network than a new window appears displaying the mobile device name.

  • Select the option, connect using the access point to the mobile device which is paired.

Once the connection is successful, a notification appears as the device is connected and now the tethering option is enabled to share the internet facility.

3. Tethering via Wi-Fi

The most popular method nowadays is making a wireless connection to share the internet to multiple devices is possible with the Wi-Fi option.

When setting up the mobile device for Wi-Fi connection, the user should secure it with a password so that it can be used within the private network. This creates a wireless local network when the user turns on the Hotspot option on the mobile phone.

When a wireless hotspot connection has been set on a mobile device then the user can connect to any device such as other android phones, iPhones, MAC books, iPad, etc.

Steps to connect via Wi-Fi

  • In a mobile device, open settings then the network and Internet option.

  • Then select Mobile hotspot and tethering option, under that enable Mobile Hotspot. Hotspot configurations have to be set up initially providing Hotspot/Network name, password, and security type (Open, WPA2/WPA3 -Personal)

  • Now on a PC or laptop, select Network and Internet settings then click on the Wi-Fi tab.

  • List of available networks will be displayed, choose the network name and click Connect.

  • Provide the password which is configured on the mobile phone and select connect option.

Once this Wi-Fi is set up then the user can connect it again( if the network uses the same name and password setting) with a simple one-click as a Pc or laptop device stores the network that is already connected as a known network.

Multiple devices can be connected at a single time but it may slow down the network speed and also drains the mobile battery sooner.

The tethering option provides a reliable data connection to connect to the internet to any of the devices needed regardless of the environment. Data transfer speed completely depends on the network used by the mobile device (3G,4G, or 5G) and it also relies on the network traffic, and signal strength in private and public networks where multiple devices are connected to a single device.