Top Qualities of a Good Manager and a Leader

The human capital of a company needs to achieve its very best for the company to be successful and do extraordinarily well in this cutthroat environment that we are a part of. For human resources to stay motivated throughout their journey and not get diluted by their personal problems, an organization needs to have a good leader and a good manager.

These people help the employees look beyond the mundanity of their activities to their bigger contribution towards the attainment of the organization's goals. They keep the employees motivated, happy, and energetic through different monetary and psychological rewards.

Difference Between a Manager and a Leader

A manager and a leader are not synonyms for people. Both are needed for survival in the long term. A leader is someone who gains the position because of their bigger vision and influential power gained through hard work and trust. A manager is someone who has proven their abilities and skillset through their accolades and knowledge. In simple words, a leader is chosen by the people, and a manager is elected for the position.

In this article, we will be discussing the top qualities a manager and a leader need to have to ensure that people follow them and their commands to achieve the larger goal. We will not be having different pointers because it would be repetitive in a manner.

The different integral qualities that a manager and a leader need to have are −

Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

A manager needs to convey to the employees what goals, hierarchies, and management systems the organization has set for them and what grievances and challenges the employees are facing in their daily work routine to the top authorities. A leader needs to convey the bigger vision to the people and ask for constant support. For both roles, excellent verbal and written communication skills are a mandate; otherwise, there are going to be miscommunications, trust issues, and misunderstandings on a daily basis.


Simply asking the employees to get the task done irrespective of the employee’s internal and external situations is going to negatively impact the employee's productivity. An employee will only deliver their best work when they feel that they are heard and valued in the organization. A good leader and a good manager must have empathy instilled in them. Empathy is being in the other person's shoes and thinking about the situation.

Decision-making ability

A manager and a leader need to have decision-making power. They cannot be fickle-minded. With decisions also comes ownership. A decision might not always be right, so they need to have the ability to accept and stand by their mistakes. An employee will only value a leader and a manager who can take decisions based on historical facts, trends, and future vision.


A manager and a leader need to be honest, no matter how difficult the situation is. Employees and followers cannot trust and work for someone who is not honest or who cannot stick to his or her words. With honesty comes the trust of the people.

Ability to motivate

A pessimistic approach is not going to work with people. They look for a lot of positivity, happiness, and inspiration in their managers and leaders. It is their prime duty to ensure that the employees are motivated to achieve the smaller targets set by the manager and that the followers are motivated enough to work for the bigger vision even after thousands of roadblocks in between.

Problem-solving approach

The manager is hired, and the leader is followed because they can provide solutions to the problems. Most of the problems faced by the employees daily will require instant and long-term solutions. They need to see the silver lining in the bleakest of times.

Flexibility while operating

"It is how it is" and "My Way or the Highway" is not an approach that works in today's era. Employees need to have their own space where they can seek solutions, and managers and leaders must be flexible or accommodating enough to accept the same. With flexibility comes cooperation from the other party and trust. Being flexible in this ever-changing world is the key to survival.

Accountable for one’s action

With authority or power comes accountability. A manager and a leader are answerable to the top authorities and the employees. When the time arises, they cannot just throw a particular person or team under the bus. They must be brave enough to cover for their teammates and be accountable for their actions.

Free from personal bias

A manager and a leader cannot play the game of favorites within the organization and their community. They should be able to see the dilemma from a neutral point of view. Good leaders and Managers are people who can keep their personal likes and dislikes at home. Being just and fair is an integral part of gaining an employee’s and followers’ trust.

Creative approach

No matter how good the risk analysis team is, they cannot foresee all the problems. While implementing a project or working towards a bigger vision, a manager and an employee will face many unpredictable and sudden roadblocks. They need to be creative enough to think outside the box and find solutions.

Time management skills

A good manager and a leader should know how to manage time. They cannot be swayed away in meetings or in goal attainment. They must be disciplined and practice time management so that they can be an inspiration to others.

Should be Ethical by nature

A manager and a leader need to have personal ethics and should comply with the values of the organization. Unethical practices and people cannot flourish in the long term. An ethical leader will only give birth to an ethical team.


The managers and leaders are also imperfect. They might not be at their best or always make the right decisions. They are humans, and it is natural for them to have weaknesses or make mistakes. What differentiates them from ordinary people is that they have self-awareness. They know their weaknesses and are willing to accept and work on them. They know their limitations.

A goal-oriented approach

A leader and manager should not get swayed by emotions. They need to have a smaller set of goals that will help them achieve their vision. They have to build goals, help the employees accomplish them, and monitor their results as well. A goal-oriented person with the above-mentioned soft skill is a perfect match for a manager or leader.

The above-mentioned qualities could be inbuilt into a person or could be practiced as well. These are the skill sets that ensure a successful manager and a good leader for the organization. A manager and a leader are ordinary people; they just know how to influence and inspire people in magical ways.