Top 7 Machine Learning Hackathons that You can Consider


Machine learning is a common topic in the technology and business world. Machine learning is a technology that processes the raw data, provides helpful information, including data prediction and analysis, and releases final statistics reports. In short, ML helps process the data and produces reports to achieve the set goals. It uses various high-end algorithms and paradigms to engage with the solutions. Artificial Intelligence is the fastest-growing technology under which machine learning and deep learning work.

In this article, you will see the top 7 hackathons and technical events of machine learning, that are organized worldwide. This includes −

  • Kaggle

  • Machine Hack

  • Techgig

  • HackerEarth

  • Codelab

  • DataHack

  • AICroud

Top Machine Learning Hackathons


It is the largest platform for the machine learning community in the world. It organizes data science competitions and is currently having 10,00,000 + registered users. This user base consists of both beginners and experts. It is initially acquired by Google, which helps in providing training and challenges for hands-on experience in the same. It also allows the users to host various data sets and perform several functions, such as data analysis and prediction. One can write code on this platform and share it with other users. The supported languages are Python, R Markdown, and R.

It consists of four event expertise categories: face-offs, datasets, notebooks, and discussions.

There are five stages of each competition starts from beginner, then contributor, then expert, Master, and finally, Grandmaster.

Its profile and certificate hold a good market reputation. So many companies prefer their data science candidates to get some experience on Kaggle.

Machine Hack

This event is getting good user responses and is expanding daily. At least thousands of candidates register for data scientist and developer competitions every day. It helps them to upskill themselves so that users can solve extremely critical business challenges. This all can be done by implementing machine learning algorithms developed by themselves. To know more about Machine Hack, let's take a dig into it.

It helps in creating a machine-learning model and testing the code. You can win some stunning prizes if the algorithms are efficient and effective. One crucial point is that a team should have a maximum of four members. One does not exceed the limit.


Techgig is another platform where one can jump right to machine learning hackathons. It helps build competitive skills, leading to better sorting, data processing, and structuring sequences. It provides a good range of prizes worth 307.21 USD to the winners and other better performers. The team scale of the Techgig hackathon is a maximum of 3 members and a minimum of one member.

It consists of several rounds of deep learning, machine learning, and data mining contests. It provides you with three chances to win. And several rounds in it. As well as many cash prizes available along with Amazon vouchers.


HackerEarth is not a new name on this list. It is a platform that provides software and machine learning solutions to enterprises. This software helps in building the organization's technical structure. The technical community uses HackerEarth for its technical skill assessments. This also includes help in getting shortlisted for the companies through remote video interviews.

Through HackerEarth, companies find the right resources for their operations, and developers find better hiring opportunities.

It also provides cash prizes starting worth 2,457.95 USD.


It provides the users with various organizations currently working on research areas, health and educational regions, public service areas, etc. It organizes hackathons for such industries and provides the best talent to businesses. Interestingly, their hackathons last for more than a month.


DataHack does not just organize contests for machine learning enthusiasts but also provides services and freedom to the participants to show their creativity in the domains where they have experience. After that, candidates can submit their code addressing business challenges and motives.

It offered interview segments and chances from American Express and Analytics Vidya from the last hackathon. Along with that, it provides exciting prizes like smartwatches and other exciting goodies. Some currently running programs are Data Science Blogathon and Face Counting Challenge.


This platform is remarkably different from all of the others. Since it first finds the real-world challenges and then allows the data science experts to solve them collaboratively. It also hosts hackathons that primarily focus on Artificial Intelligence.

The recent AICroud hackathon was Food Recognition Benchmark 2022.


Machine learning is the fastest-growing technology of this era. It is part of AI. This article has led to the seven best hackathons for ML engineers.

  • Kaggle is the largest platform for ML hackathons.

  • Hackathons provide prizes and better placement opportunities for Machine Learning engineers.

  • Most of the hackathons limit their team to a maximum of 4 members.

  • Hackathons mainly focus on real-world challenges and business obstacles.

Updated on: 28-Apr-2023


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