Top 10 Tailwind CSS Plugins

In this tutorial, we are going to see the top 10 tailwind CSS plugins. Plugins are software components that enable customization. It adds specific features to customize the program. It enables to edit and modify the font, colors, and background of the program. With the help of CSS and html, one can make simple and user-friendly webpages. CSS has several functions to edit and customize the webpage.

Tailwind CSS Typography

Tailwind CSS Typography is a plugin used to style documents. It offers a number of font customization options and typography-related classes that are useful to design text on websites.


To install tailwind CSS typography.

//using npm
npm install @tailwindcss/typography

Tailwind CSS Aspect Ratio

Tailwind CSS Aspect Ratio allows the user to maintain proportional dimensions. Here the ratio is calculated automatically using the height and width of a box. This plugin is useful while working with responsive photos or videos; it is especially helpful to be able to establish an aspect ratio on an element.


To install tailwind CSS aspect ratio.

//using npm
npm install @tailwindcss/custom-forms --save-dev

Tailwind CSS Line Clamp

Tailwind CSS Line Clamp allows the user to mention how many lines of text should be visible before truncating. Users can truncate the text with this feature after a predetermined number of lines, and it also adds an ellipsis to show that there is still more text to read.


To install tailwind CSS clamp.

//using npm
npm install @tailwindcss/line-clamp

Tailwind CSS Grid

Tailwind CSS Grid is a plugin that allows users to build highly customizable and responsive layouts for any number of columns and rows. It enhances Tailwind CSS with a robust CSS grid system, enabling users to construct complicated layouts easily.


To install tailwind CSS grid.

//using yarn
yarn add styled-css-grid

Tailwind CSS Forms

Using Tailwind CSS Forms, users can create forms. It adds ready-made form styles to Tailwind CSS, making it simple to design forms that are both attractive and useful.


To install tailwind CSS forms.

npm install -D @tailwindcss/forms

Tailwind CSS Scroll Snap

Tailwind CSS Scroll Snap lets the user to adjust and align elements in a certain way so that the elements are responsive. It enables users to add scroll snapping to your website, facilitating navigation through lengthy content pages.


To install tailwind CSS scroll snap.

//using yarn
yarn add tailwindcss-scroll-snap --dev

Tailwind CSS Theming Plugin

Tailwind theming is a CSS plugin that lets users change the multiple elements in the website. It is typically used to switch a website's theme to dark mode. Users can customize their own themes to suit their tastes.


To install tailwind CSS theming plugin.

//using yarn 
yarn add tailwindcss-theming@next --dev

Tailwind CSS Transitions

Using Tailwind CSS Transitions, users can make transitions on websites. It provides a way to control animation speed when changing CSS properties. Additionally, it offers a collection of classes that make it simple to add CSS transitions to website elements, creating animation effects.


To install tailwind CSS transitions.

//using npm
npm install tailwindcss-transitions

Tailwind CSS Elevation

Tailwind CSS Elevation lets user to add elevation between images and components. The user can apply elevation between pictures and components using Tailwind CSS Elevation. The .elevation-z-value utilities allow users to elevate an element.


To install tailwind CSS elevation.

//using npm
npm install tailwindcss-elevation

Tailwind CSS Table Plugin

Tailwind CSS Table Plugin lets user to create bootstrap tables. The user can create bootstrap tables with the Tailwind CSS Table Plugin. Users can also use it to make the nested table identical to the parent table, as it is inherited by Bootstrap.


To install tailwind CSS table plugin.

//using npm
npm install tailwindcss-tables --save

Updated on: 03-May-2023


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