Books to Read for a PRINCE2® Certification

PRINCE2 certification is one of the most competent and globally acknowledged training and certification in the field of project management. The certification comes in three different levels such as PRINCE2 Foundation, PRINCE2 Practitioner, and PRINCE2 Agile. This article will list the best books available for PRINCE2 exam preparation.

How to Select the Best Books for PRINCE2® Certification?

PRINCE2 certification is easy to crack compared to other exams. But the real challenge lies in using the right study materials and guides. Here are a few tips that might guide you in selecting the appropriate study materials for your PRINCE2 certification.

Find the Latest Version

It is important to choose materials that are aligned with whatever is the latest version of the PRINCE2 guidebook. There are a lot of old versions of books and guides in the market. So it is crucial to ensure that the books that you are purchasing are properly aligned with the latest PRINCE2 version.

Buy Quality Books in Optimum Quantity

It is important to have the best quality books while preparing for the certification. Incorrect or irrelevant information will take up time from your preparation schedule and lead to misinformation. Hence it is better to buy books after reading blogs and reviews.

Get a Guide and a Practice Workbook

As much as PRINCE2 is focused on teaching the right methodology, practice is equally important to perform well during exams. Hence the right combination of guide and practice question papers is required so that the objective questions are answered quickly and correctly.

10 Must-Have Books for the PRINCE2 Exam

PRINCE2 exam can be cleared through a conceptual understanding of the project management principles combined with the adequate practice of objective questions. Here is a list of handpicked book recommendations that will ace your preparation for the PRINCE2 exams.

PRINCE2 Foundation Study Guide

The PRINCE2 Foundation study guide by Frank Turley is a must-have for beginners who are planning to write the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. The book emphasises the concepts that are important for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam in detail. This might not elaborate the project management principles of PRINCE2 but will be of great help for those aiming to pass the exam.

PRINCE2: A Practical Handbook

This book by author Colin Bentley is a great read for understanding the implementation perspective of PRINCE2 methodologies. All the major phases of a project are discussed in detail in this book. This book is a must-have for professionals who aspire to have a PRINCE2 certification and are planning a career in project management.


This authorized AXELOS publication acts as a quick and handy reference manual. It contains all the topics that are covered under PRINCE2 certification exams in a brief and concise manner. It is cheaper compared to other books but cannot be used as a standalone study material.

Passing Your PRINCE2 Examinations

Passing Your PRINCE2 Examinations by Ken Bradley is a guidebook for both PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner exams. It has an ample amount of model questions on project management scenarios and can be used as excellent revision material.


Professionals who are preparing for the final exam in the PRINCE2 certification i.e., PRINCE2 Agile must definitely add this book to their collection. It is an official publication of AXELOS. This handbook has a section dedicated just to PRINCE2 Agile basic concepts. Another section of the book covers the core techniques and guidance required to clear the exam. A final section is dedicated towards application areas of PRINCE2 Agile concepts. Overall it is a holistic read for PRINCE2 Agile certification.

PRINCE2 Study Guide

This book by David Hinde covers all the aspects of PRINCE2 certifications. It can be considered a one-stop solution to both the Foundation and Practitioner exams. This book beautifully explains all the concepts along with practical and real-life examples and case studies.

PRINCE2 Quick Reference Card

This book by Henny Portman will be helpful beyond the scope of examinations. It can be used at any point in a project manager's professional career. It acts as an excellent guide since it provides tips regarding the implementation of PRINCE2 methodologies in an actual project.

It comes in a set of five reference cards. These reference cards provide diagrammatic information in the simplest format so that key terms and techniques can be explained to the management personnel.

Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2

This is another original publication by AXELOS that contains all the information that you need to pass the PRINCE2 certification exams. The book is quite expensive. But it covers all the aspects of the syllabus in detail and in a well-structured manner. Owning this one book can add great value to the quality and nature of preparation.

PRINCE2 for Dummies

This is a great book for people who love the books for dummies series. PRINCE2 For Dummies by Nick Graham explains all the concepts associated with the implementation of PRINCE2 project management principles and strategies across all the stages of a project. It covers areas such as the benefits of PRINCE2 in a project to work through a project with the help of PRINCE2 methodology. Make sure you buy the latest edition of the book.

Directing Successful Projects With PRINCE2

Although this book is not essential for exam preparation, it can add more depth and quality to the preparation. A lot of background information that can significantly enhance the understanding of various project management concepts is provided in detail in this book.

This book along with ‘Managing Successful Projects With PRINCE2’ will make a great collection. Also, this book is a must-have for professionals who are in leadership roles and act as sponsors in a project management environment.


PRINCE2 certification has gained wide popularity in recent years. Anyone who is looking forward to a career progression in the field of project management must give the PRINCE2 certification a try. Although the exams are easy, the right set of study materials is required to pass the exam. Hence utmost care must be taken while choosing the books and study materials for the PRINCE2 certification.

Updated on: 19-Jan-2023


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