Top 10 Innovations in IoT Using 5G

The Internet of Things is a very powerful technology that will change the future world. But one of the most important things IoT requires to operate successfully is the Internet. The Internet is available to all of us, making our lives easy. We have witnessed everything from 2G to 3G and 3G to 4G. Its call changed so rapidly that super high-speed Internet can now boost IoT technology to the next level! Hence we are now shifting from 4G to 5G – the Giga Hertz speed, faster than we ever imagined. Let us look at how IoT and 5G technology combine and 10 Innovations in IoT using 5G.

How does 5G combine with IoT?

The faster Internet unleashes the beast that we ever just imagined. Imagine your smart home operating on smart IoT devices like Alexa home or Google mini, smart ambient lights, smart vacuums, smart ventilation, and all your applications like smart TV, laptops, smartphones, etc., working on the same 4G network connection. Maybe every device could not operate at its full potential, but now with 5G, it is possible. IoT is growing in smart homes and in all sectors, and IoT innovations are shaping the next generation. Let us look at ongoing advancements so that you can update yourself with the new technology.

Top 10 innovations in IoT using 5G

1. Smart City:

As discussed above, IoT with super high-speed 5G technology can make a difference in your smart home experience. Together the smart grid technology surely contributes to making a smart city, all connected and more secure with the 5G network. For example, Alba Iulia, a city in Romania, can be officially called a smart city whose building blocks are based on 5G technology. The city has all facilities like smart parking sensors, traffic lights, smart cars, weather control and monitoring with acutely developed Deep learning models, smart garbage collection system, etc. Moreover, if we have a smart city, then why not smart factories? The rise in 5G and its high-speed internet demand is also shown in developed cities as well as manufacturing factories.

2. Smart Factories:

Yes, the factories with huge robotics work parallel with human labor. Wherever complicated automation requires, robotic technology is available for aid. But not only robotic technology is a part of the smart factory. 5G connection ensures all smart grid connectivity, so the factory is remotely operated from a small working space with just one command. Moreover, smart logistics is an important feature that is currently developing.

3. Construction:

Smart construction is a concept undergoing an increment in the usage of IoT devices and sensors wherever needed. Unlike the old classic engineering architectures, using smart IoT devices along with 5G will provide a new orientation. More high-tech cities, smart grid in-house, earthquake-proof buildings, accurate wind and weather prediction, designing, and some cyberpunk vibes. But worker safety has increased a lot with modern construction technology. And now, different small-scale and big-scale industries are adopting IoT technology and utilizing the benefits of the 5G network. To promote such automation and establish 5G networks at construction sites, KT and Hyundai engineering & construction have bonded together.

4. HealthCare:

Health care is one of the most sensitive regions under development. IoT technology is already giving a lot, and still, a lot more is required to develop for the healthcare industry. Telefonica now has the world's first surgical support device that entirely works on a 5G network. It has collaborated with a hospital in Malaga. Moreover, teaching and training classes for medical professionals were streamed live in 4K quality by Telefonica.

5. Mobile Computing

Mobile computing refers to remotely operating anything, just using IoT and cloud technology. The 5G network grid is also smartly placed so that it can reach every corner of the city. With further advancements in Blockchain and Web 3.0, the grid is becoming more secure than ever.

6. Education and Content Creation

Content creation requires the Internet as education. During the Covid days, only the Internet saved education from the blackout and stopped generation growth. With access to high-speed Internet, our current devices can work at full capacity, and then we may require more high-tech gadgets.

7. Smart Energy

Energy production is slowly shifting towards utilizing IoT technology, and the 5G network will ensure the process is fast. Smart IoT devices for energy production are current research work that can change the shape of producing energy. For example, Vodafone and Centrica Storage have built up a relationship to develop the "future gas plant," which will use 5 G-ready MPN (Mobile Private Network) at their Essington location.

8. Smart Agriculture

Multiple 5G sensors, currently under development, will be used in the agriculture sector to collect real-time data on crop health, crop consumption, fertilization amount, moisture requirement, etc., forming "smart farms".

9. Communication

As we know, more and more secure communication methods are under development because with high-speed Internet comes high-speed threats. Moreover, video interactions would take place on smartphones and develop improved front cameras on 5G phones. Using the 5G, full HD 4K, or even 8K, video feeds can be sent more smoothly and will be transferred between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headgear.

10. Robotics and Automation

Automation technology is the key to next-generation gadgets. The whole concept of Web 4.0 is based on how humans and machines interact with each other, while Web 3.0 provides a decentralized web network. Together, automated robotics and humans will be interacting in the near time. One of the best examples is Tesla, which is fully automated but requires humans for command.


Surely 5G network technology is acting as a catalyst for next-generation Internet of Things devices and architecture. Because the increment in bandwidth provided by the 5G network, along with the reduction in latency, will give a boost to technological advancements. Soon the 5G technology will be available to every part of the world, and new IoT devices will be available for common use.

Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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