The Internet of Nano Things

We are amazed at the revolution of technology which brought us by the awesome concept called- Internet of Things (IOT). With the help of intelligent technology, we are able to transform our ordinary home to smart home and control it just by giving the command from a device without physically operating them. There are smart watches that not only track all our physical activities but also alert us when the stats cross the limits.

But, on the technology front, things are moving faster so as our needs to get more comfort with the help of technology. That is why now the talk of the town is more about the latest technology called – Internet of Nano things (IONT).

What is Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is for the nanoparticles which cannot be identified with earlier technologies. For example, we have sensors to detect various objects but that failed in the case of detecting nanoparticles. Then Nanosensors come into the picture, which is helping us to collect the information from nanoparticles of the microscopic world. In the case of medical science, the Nanosensors are being used to detect the stage of tumors and cancers. The data accuracy and observations up to cell level make the Nanosensors more reliable. Thus the doctors and researchers used this technology to detect the diseases in more accurately.

The Nanotechnology provides intelligent solutions in many areas such as biomedical, industrial and military fields as well as in consumer and industrial goods. It is the ability to engineering the functional systems at the nano scale – the particles at the molecular level.

Let’s see some of the examples where nanotechnology is helping us to solve many problems.

  • The Nanosensors are not only used for medical research and automotive world but also help to save our environment. There are Nanosensors which let you know the exact level of pollution in the air. Thus helps us to identify the source of pollution and then work on that to curb the menace for a visibly cleaner air.
  • The Nanosensors have the ability to measure the temperature of living cells. Thus it helps the doctors and scientists to take more accurate decisions while treating a patient or doing the research on specific subjects.
  • There are smoke and gas detectors where Nanosensors technology being used to detect the dangerous chemicals and other minute toxic particles which cannot be possible with normal sensors. Thus, by using Nanosensors we can save our environment as well as ourselves from upcoming danger.
  • Nanosensors are being used in the case of DNA test. Yes, due to its ability to read the cell level information and data accuracy, it is being used in DNA test to finding out the similar properties between the two cells. Thus, it is helping the doctors and scientist to unfold the unsolved mysteries. Also, Nanosensors are helping us to collect exact and accurate information from cell levels which helping our doctors and scientists to treat the dangerous diseases like cancers and tumors.

The Internet of Nano Things

The Internet of Nano things is nothing but the interconnection of nano devices with existing networks. Thus, it creates a state of the art revolution in electromagnetic communication areas among nano scale devices.

A nano machine is integrated with nano components to perform several tasks. It performs the way we connect devices in case of Internet of Things but the major difference is it can connect the nano components which is not possible with Internet of Things.

Though the Internet of Nano things is still in its early stages, soon this concept can be applied the way we are applying the Internet of Things in many application areas.

Let us discuss some of the examples of Internet of Things which is currently assisting us in many areas, and that can be extended further with the help of Internet of Nano Things (IONT) to get the work done in more precisely.

The Smart Home

One of the most popular applications of Internet of Things (IOT) is the smart home solution. Many people already implemented this awesome application to control many useful devices of their home with the use of one single device such as the Smartphone, Amazon Echo, and Thermostat etc. It makes their life easy; they can even control their house while sitting at their offices or from any other places.

So, what can be the next possibilities with Internet of Nano Things (IONT)? There are many possibilities with IONT which can further extend this amazing smart home solution. Imagine, you are away from your home and there is a gas leakage happens in your kitchen. It can be dangerous and may cause a fire by some electrical sparks or any other reasons.

But, with the help of Internet of Nano Things (IONT), this can be detected much before and alerted you to take the necessary steps to resolve the issues. As the Internet of Nano Things (IONT) have the ability to detect the nano particles, so a simple Nanosensors can detect the gas leakage and send you an instant alert to take the necessary actions.

There are many such application areas where the concept of Internet of Nano Things (IONT) can be applied to further enhancing the functionality of Internet of Things (IOT).

The Nanosensors which is invented with this concept of Internet of Nano Things (IONT) is currently helping in many useful application areas by sensing the nano particles which cannot be possible with normal sensors.

Let’s discuss some of the examples in the case of both humans and animals where Nanosensors are being used for the betterment of their lives.

  • Nanosensors are being used to track the farm animals. Thus solving a great worry of farmers as it is very common that farm animals such as cow, pig, sheep etc can run away somewhere while grazing out. The Nanosensors are fitted to the farm animals and being tracked by a centralized computer system.
  • The Nanosensors networks used to track the health of crops and plants. The researcher collects the accurate data about the health of the plants and crops and advises necessary actions accordingly.
  • The viruses which cannot be caught with normal sensors, the Nanosensors can easily detect them. There are bands which can be used as normal wristband which provide us the information when we come across any objects that are contaminated with virus and bacteria. Thus saving us from falling the victims of those deadly tiny beasts.
  • We have thermometers, sensors to measure the temperatures, but the Nanosensors are one step ahead. The Nanosensors have the ability to measure the temperature of living cells. Thus it helps the doctors and scientists to take more accurate decisions while treating a patient or doing a research.

Finally, though the Internet of Nano Things (IONT) is still at evolving stages, the days are not far when it can be applied in many useful application areas to provide more extended functionality what we are currently getting from the Internet of Things (IOT).

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