Teradata - Installation

Teradata provides Teradata express for VMWARE which is a fully operational Teradata virtual machine. It provides up to 1 terabyte of storage. Teradata provides both 40GB and 1TB version of VMware.


Since the VM is 64 bit, your CPU must support 64-bit.

Installation Steps for Windows

Step 1 − Download the required VM version from the link, https://downloads.teradata.com/download/database/teradata-express-for-vmware-player

Step 2 − Extract the file and specify the target folder.

Step 3 − Download the VMWare Workstation player from the link, https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/downloads. It is available for both Windows and Linux. Download the VMWARE workstation player for Windows.

VMWare Workstation player

Step 4 − Once the download is complete, install the software.

Step 5 − After the installation is complete, run the VMWARE client.

Step 6 − Select 'Open a Virtual Machine'. Navigate through the extracted Teradata VMWare folder and select the file with extension .vmdk.

Open Virtual Machine

Step 7 − Teradata VMWare is added to the VMWare client. Select the added Teradata VMware and click ‘Play Virtual Machine’.

Play Virtual Machine

Step 8 − If you get a popup on software updates, you can select ‘Remind Me Later’.

Step 9 − Enter the user name as root, press tab and enter password as root and again press Enter.

Welcome TDExpress

Step 10 − Once the following screen appears on the desktop, double-click on ‘root’s home’. Then double-click on ‘Genome’s Terminal’. This will open the Shell.

Open Shell

Step 11 − From the following shell, enter the command /etc/init.d/tpa start. This will start the Teradata server.

Start Teradata server

Starting BTEQ

BTEQ utility is used to submit SQL queries interactively. Following are the steps to start BTEQ utility.

Step 1 − Enter the command /sbin/ifconfig and note down the IP address of the VMWare.

Step 2 − Run the command bteq. At the logon prompt, enter the command.

Logon <ipaddress>/dbc,dbc; and enter At the password prompt, enter password as dbc;

Starting BTEQ

You can log into Teradata system using BTEQ and run any SQL queries.

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